Right, that’s it, hang them all

Brussels has announced plans to ban a cancer-linked chemical – but it is also found in one of Belgium’s signature favourites.
The European Commission’s move to ban acrylamide could see the end of the country’s famous crispy fries, which contain the allegedly hazardous compound.
Belgium, which claims to have invented ‘fries’, says the move to ban acrylamide will change the way they taste and destroy the country’s ‘rich gastronomical tradition’.

No, doesn’t matter, the EU has enriched the continent, brought peace for all these decades and created a veritable heaven upon Earth. And they must all die, immediately.

Messing with frites? Die heathen scum!

15 thoughts on “Right, that’s it, hang them all”

  1. Acrylamide, when given to mice in huge quantities, has been found to cause cancers.

    If you tried to give yourself cancer by eating chips, you’d die of chip overload long before the tiniest tumour manifested itself.

    Still, in the same way that EU banquets were held under crystal chandeliers while we were still using poisonous 2 candlepower lightbulbs, the menu for our leaders will still feature thrice fried chips.

  2. Their arrogance is such that they continue to piss on everyone in thrall to them.


    Such arrogance is exactly what will destroy them.

  3. When even the Mail uses the phrase “allegedly hazardous” you know it is complete and utter bollocks.

  4. My guess is that a fair few of the Belgian restaurateurs will ignore the ban, everyone will know, and nobody will care. Unlike in the UK when some fat cunt with BO and bad breath wearing a hi-viz vest will come around and threaten to close down the entire business, and everyone will stand around meekly as the owner is forced to comply.

  5. Some acrylamide is formed whenever starch is exposed to heat. As in, for instance, baking bread.

    What are the odds on Brussels banning bread?

    BTW potato crisps have more acrylamide than bread does …

  6. When you have a strong, autocratic central government, junk science becomes law.

    Yes. All you have to do is capture the one single point of authority and you are in.

  7. “Belgium, which claims to have invented ‘fries’, says the move to ban acrylamide will change the way they taste ”

    Given acrylamides are created during the cooking process, how would you ‘ban’ them without banning frying altogether? That won’t just ‘change the way they taste’.

  8. The one positive contribution that poor old belgium has made to civilzation and the fuckers want to ban it.

    I don’t know whether to laugh or laugh.

  9. i’m more worried about belgian beer. Keep on importing the goat botherers and you’ll lose your customer base. the loss of belgian beer would be a tragedy.

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