Rory was just having too much fun wasn’t he?

I don’t ascribe cause or intent to the universe. But those who so enjoy life, what hey can do, do seem to burn out earlier, right?

It’s not the ability I’m talking about, it’s the shit eating grin. Whut? I can do this? How fucking marvellous!

10 thoughts on “Rory was just having too much fun wasn’t he?”

  1. Philip Scott Thomas

    Not my kind of thing. But so what? A lot of other people liked it. So he left the world a happier place than he found it. That’s gotta count for something. After all, it’s not something you can say for most of us…

  2. All the more impressive because there was no audience to speak of, to feed off, all the enrgy came from the band. Epic.

  3. A live version of ‘Do You Read Me’ was on my car mix tape for a *long* time. Must dig it out again for the SD card I now have.

  4. You are a strange lot.

    It’s like listening to Grade 7 teenager choosing their ‘copy a bass player’ section.

    At least it dates you, Tim. As in dated. And probably as dull as the genre goes.

  5. Has Tim stopped funding Da’esh yet? There’s going to be a big counter push soon. That little boy will undoubtedly be on the front line now that he’s got some cash to buy himself there.

    Why hasn’t anyone pushed Tim about this? Funding Marxlamics is treason.

    The purge must begin with adults who have no ‘skin in the game’.

    Posted for the lack of recognition about other stories in the news. Conveniently for the fucking Catholic paedophiles.

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