Police believe three male suspects were involved in Saturday’s London Bridge attacks, but say more work needs to be done to establish if they were alone.

All three men were shot and killed by armed police at nearby Borough Market.

15 thoughts on “Sigh”

  1. @Anoneumouse: But if we kill them, we’ll radicalise their relatives! (Thanks Justin)

    Why is it that Pakistanis, whose own leaders advocated for having their own state on the basis that they could not coexist with the far more closely culturally and genetically related Hindu Indians, are living anywhere else in the world? Let alone Britain?

  2. Nice to see the Met guys on the ground not fuck around. 8 mins from first call and these animals were put down.

  3. Unfortunately, Anonemouse, the real number of potential Islamic terrorists is far greater. As long as you believe that a nasty slave owning, slave raping, murdering, robbing pedophile is the perfect man, a role model for your life and that those who don’t believe what you do are hateful kafirs detested by your god, at some point you might decide to carry out Allah’s will and kill a few of those kafirs.

  4. For the Press to still be trying on the MONA/YONA ploy after all that has gone on is sickening.

    We now need two priorities,

    1-Support Brexit in every possible way.
    2-In every other possible way go after May and the rest of the CM gang and bring down the entire CM establishment.

    Both are needed. If we can’t de-rail the Dindustan Express ultimately Brexit is futile.

  5. Put some skin in the game, after every such incident in the UK all senior civil servants get rolled back on the honours list 5 years and a 5% paycut all round. Some exceptions for military etc

  6. And, of course, people need to make sure that they don’t vote for the terrorists’ best mate on Thursday. He’s not a kindly, old duffer, he’s a very naughty boy who stinks of piss.

  7. Sean Johnson: Fire the entire Senior Civil Service on masse without a penny compo and their pensions confiscated. That is more like it.

    Doc: Corby stinks both of piss and blood. Don’t forget that.

  8. Yep. Apologists for mass murderer Stalin called him “Uncle Joe” like he was some amenable old bloke who’d buy you an ice cream. Corbyn is from the same school of charm.

  9. There is no legal process* to postpone an election that is already running. The 2001 election wasn’t postponed, the *calling* of the election was postponed. Once an election is postponed and Parliament is dissolved there is no legislative to pass laws.

    *Actually, there is one and one only way. The Privy Council can declare a state of emergency and suspend civil liberties and by decree cancel – but not postpone – the election. The Privy Council is Brenda, all current and previous party leaders and cabinet members. So, yes, demand a civil coup if you so wish, that is the only way to defer an election that is up and running.

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