So here’s a fun question

Standard lefty whine is that the referendum was upended by Leave being better at campaigning on Facebook. This is very bad, a violation of democracy.

This time around we seem to have Labour (really, Momentum) being hyperactive on Facebook. If they win will that be an equal violation of democracy?

7 thoughts on “So here’s a fun question”

  1. Haven’t you seen the Al-Beeb story on the Tory ‘attack ads’ on Facebook?

    That’s what we have to watch out for. Evil Tories.

  2. A silly question Tim.

    Whatever those scum do is right regardless of it being wrong when anybody else did it.

    That is what Marxian subjectivist cockrot is all about. Doublethink. Orwell didn’t make it up.

    The left need to be finally smashed. This is the chance. This is the high water mark of middle class CM –the last throw of the left. Break that and it is down to Hell for them all the way.

    Dozy cow Dress Up will likely still win the election. But the nous she would need to break the left afterwards might as well be on Mars for all the access that daft cow has to it.

    It is THE most urgent political task–probably of all time.

  3. Entity A is better at doing its job than entity B. Entity A succeeds and beats entity B. Wah Wah! Unfair!!!!!

  4. So Facebook followers deserted to “Leave” in droves as a result of UKIP campaigns? Excuse me, what has he/she been smoking? Any UKIPper on Facebook is likely to be drowned in abuse.

  5. Hahahahahahaha

    I’d like to live in a world where goose and gander are equally sauced, but as long as we have to deal with the mendacious crapweasels of the left that world remains a chimera.

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