So, what’s new about this Macron laddie?

But his plan for a “Buy European Act” to restrict public contracts in the EU to companies operating mainly within the bloc appears to have been quietly shelved at the summit. Under the proposal, British businesses would have been excluded from bidding after Brexit.

Another of the French president’s suggestions, to control investment in the EU by non-members such as China, was also watered down amid opposition from Greece, Portugal and Spain, all hungry for foreign investment in the wake of the Euro crisis.

Standard protectionist wankery isn’t it?

11 thoughts on “So, what’s new about this Macron laddie?”

  1. And ….he’s lost.

    Before the ink was even dry on the goatskin.

    That must be because of EU-socialist protectionism [rolls eyes].

  2. The Meissen Bison

    BiG: And ….he’s lost.

    There’s going to be a lot more of this. Mutti put him in his box in 2015 when he showed signs of supporting the Varoufakis plan for Greece and she is not going to buy any of his ‘regeneration’ ideas for the EU now that he’s had an upgrade to president. He’s still the upstart youngster from a troubled country and he needs to be taught his place.

    That must be because of EU-socialist protectionism.

    No, it’s because it becomes very difficult to kick the can down the road if people start mucking about with the road layout.

    It’s also an error to confuse “socialist” with “corporatist”.

  3. “It’s also an error to confuse “socialist” with “corporatist”.

    As I say a lot, we’ve got the EU that Fatcher built. And yet so many Fatcherites can’t see it.

  4. The Meissen Bison

    Just saying it a lot doesn’t make it any less mistaken.

    Thatcher’s influence in her time was marginal beyond negotiating the UK rebate which was subsequently partially surrendered by Blair in return for CAP reforms which were never delivered.

    It’s even more far-fatched (yes, let’s both be infantile with names) to claim her as the architect for the anti-democratic, ossified accretion of powers that the EU institutions represent today.

  5. Who he, BiG? [fires up Google] Oh, this year’s nonentity to be Bundespräsident (that should come in handy for the pub quiz). Not very democratic, but since he has less powers (but costs more) than Liz II, WTF cares?

  6. Is Macron different because he is saying that, instead of French protectionism (as most of his predecessors advocated), he’s totes onboard with the idea that the EU is protectionist…?


  7. There’s nothing much new about this Macron laddie. Apart from getting a huge majority on 16.55% of the electorate.
    The unions can breathe easy, the gulls that put him in power will be sorely disappointed.

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