Songs for Brexit

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  1. The Inimitable Steve

    When the routine bites hard
    And ambitions are low
    And the resentment rides high
    But emotions wont grow
    And we’re changing our ways,
    Taking different roads
    Then love, love will tear us apart again

  2. Domination’s the name of the game in bed or in life
    They’re both just the same
    Except in one you’re fulfilled at the end of the day

    Let’s play

  3. Up on the catwalk, a big wheel is spinning
    And Dollars to Deutchmarks Euros, and pennies from heaven
    And up on the catwalk, there’s one hundred million
    With letters from thousands that say “Just who are you?”
    There’s one thousand names that can spring up in my mind
    But you’d call it blackmail and that’s just not my kind

  4. The Inimitable Steve

    Ducky – I feel sure you should be our new Lord DJ.

    I’m sort of hoping Davis begins the Brexit talks by blasting Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s “Two Tribes” at them, then stripping to the waist and putting Michael Barnier in a headlock.

  5. TIS – I feel that I must decline, in deference to Our Gracious Host’s tastes.

    Could be amusing, especially with Paul Rutherford pouncing about behind the combatants, but I feel it’s going to be more like True Faith, including the silly costumes, hopefully.

    That’s the price that we all pay
    And the value of destiny comes to nothing
    I can’t tell you where we’re going
    I guess there was just no way of knowing
    I used to think that the day would never come

    And all that.

  6. Careful. I seem to remember songs like…

    You Can’t Always Get What You Want (The Rolling Stones)
    Exit Wound (Phish)
    Fiddle About (The Who)
    I Can’t Quit You (John Lee Hooker)
    How Many More Years (Howlin’ Wolf)
    Anarchy In The U.K. (The Sex Pistols)
    Promises (Buzzcocks)
    Waiting Room (Fugazi)

    And they all seem to be appropriate at the moment.

  7. The Clash had it right:

    “If (we) go there will be trouble,
    And if (we) stay it will be double.”

  8. Dennis the peasant
    Fiddle About
    A paedophiliac betrayal of trust by an uncle as he sexually abuses his severely disabled nephew sums up the Brexiteer for me . Its repulsive and disgusting of course but when one looks at it coldly you also think “ Why on earth would you even want to do such a thing “?

  9. The Inimitable Steve

    Newmania – show me, on the Robertson’s Marmalade golliwog, where Godfrey Bloom touched you.

  10. NewRemainiac–We’re not interested in your life story you faux-patriotic facepainting fuckwit.

  11. Acknowledgement to Hoyt Axton:

    “I am a good old rebel
    And that is what I am,
    And for the EU nation
    I do not give a damn
    I’m glad we fought agen ’em
    And gladder still we won,
    I ain’t apologising
    For anything I done,

    I hate the EU nation
    And everything they do,
    I hate their god-damn Treaty
    And Maastricht too
    I hate their glorious Union
    That floats upon our cash
    I hate their starry banner
    That’s only fit for trash

    I ran with Nigel Farage
    For three years thereabouts
    I watched as Europe’s children
    Were sold out by the Krauts
    I saw the traitors swarming
    Both from far and near
    The EU is a poison
    That murders all that’s dear.

    I am a good old Rebel
    and that is what I am
    And for the EU nation
    I do not give a damn
    I’m glad we fought agen ’em
    And gladder still we won
    I ain’t apologising
    For anything I done.

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