Chris Tumapun says:
June 1 2017 at 8:56 am
I doubt that a 9 year course would do justice to your thinking, Richard.

The problem with people not understanding what is economically best for them could be easily solved in the same way that a small child or pet dog does not have to understand why he or she is made to do what is best for them in long run and for the greater good of the state.

And there is encouragement for this in the BBC debate last night with the well deserved wild cheering for Jeremy Corbyn and the jeering down and booing for the Tories and everyone else. I could only listen on radio so am not sure of the numbers but certainly the active members of the audience suggested a powerful ‘political militia’ is there to help win the argument, if not the debate.

Well done Richard.

9 thoughts on “Tee Hee”

  1. For the first (and probably last) time in my life I followed the advice of Tim Farron and turned over to watch Bake Off.

    * – This is a joke obviously, as I don’t have a TV.

  2. The Meissen Bison


    You’re making rather free with professorial dignity: I mean to say – “Murph” is decidedly familiar!

  3. ‘The problem with people not understanding what is economically best for them’

    So they MUST have someone else decide for them.

    ‘Economically best’ is bullshit. What is ‘best’ involves myriad considerations, of which economics is JUST ONE.

    Fascists love to declare that the people MUST do something, and back it up with a statement of why it is the best practice. Because they, as third parties, have decided what to give the most weight to in consideration.

    E.g., President Dumbo declares that automobiles must get 54 mpg by 2025. He has decided that fuel mileage is THE consideration in selecting a car. How big your family is doesn’t matter to him.

  4. “The Meissen Bison

    “Murph” is decidedly familiar!”

    Chris only noticed the missing y after he had posted.

    He may well be looking to change his name by deed poll.

    I’ll ask him tonight, when I see him.

  5. ‘The problem with people not understanding what is economically best for them’

    There is a theory that some blogs will let you publish any batshit crazy nonsense so long as you seem to be agreeing with or praising the author of the blog.

    It’s a theory worth testing.

  6. Andrew

    I thinnk I remember Chris from another blog. He had a half brother, Christos Ferry I think it was. Also had a bit of an odd surname; it might have been Greek – Umunappos or Unumappos, something like that – my memory is awful?

    I can’t remember where I used to read his comments, but he was also quite a tax expert, not as brilliant as Ritchard obviously, but he was pretty good if I recall.

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