Teens are still having sex

We might file that under the least surprising headline in all of history. Even better than “things have not moved necessarily to Japan’s advantage” and certainly competing with that one from A Hitler, “But what are these Russian tanks doing here?”

8 thoughts on “Teens are still having sex”

  1. So long as they both enjoy it.
    Most biblical scholars put Mary’s age at <14 when she gave birth to Jesus. (the virgin biit is that he was the first born)
    So hope springs eternal.
    And quite a lot of folk would like to have grandchildren before they go ga-ga, I expect.
    No extra marks for loss of sleep while you're doing your GCSEs though.

  2. BiF

    The conclusion I have come to is that “the meaning of life” is grandchildren. My son was born when I was twenty-one. Had that pattern continued, I could have a beautiful three year old great grandson, and I like to think I’m not quite gaga yet. Unfortunately, the useless <expletive deleted> chose not to have children.

  3. Roue

    Judging by your photo, your good lady must have been fucking blind, or blind drunk, or paper bags were used.

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