That’s just super folks

America Inc snubs Trump to carry on going green after Paris climate accord withdrawal

You do exactly as you wish, it’s your money after all – or at least your shareholders.

It’s the forcing everyone else to do as you wish that isn’t happening, that’s all.

3 thoughts on “That’s just super folks”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    So Elon Musk – a man who has made a fortune out of scamming the US taxpayer – has quit the Presidential advisory board?

    Well don’t let the door hit you on the ar$e on the way out dude.

    Immigration is rarely to anyone’s benefit. Musk should have stayed in South Africa.

  2. Article pay walled; couldn’t read it.

    I assume America Inc means companies the Times agrees with. 5 out of 18,000,000 works for them.

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