The outrage, the outrage!

Where are the free speech defenders?

Taylor is inarguably in more danger than Charles Murray. She is a black person in a country with a long history of white supremacist violence—and in recent years that violence has been especially public. Just last month, a white supremacist stabbed two bystanders to death in Portland when they interfered with his racial abuse. Racism may also have motivated the May slaying of a black college student in Maryland.

Coverage of free speech fights in the U.S. casts the left as illiberal antagonists and lets the right off the hook for its own, much more serious history of censorship. By defending Charles Murray, and not Taylor, the media has shown some revealing inconsistencies in its concerns about free speech.

Murray was howled down, persued and his colleague required medial treatment as a result of the treatment from the mob.

As The Seattle Times reported on Thursday, the threats started after Fox News covered her May 30 commencement speech at Hampshire College. In it, she correctly called Donald Trump “a racist, sexist megalomaniac.”

“Since last Friday, I have received more than 50 hate-filled and threatening emails. Some of these emails have contained specific threats of violence, including murder,” she said in a May 31 statement. “I have been threatened with lynching and having the bullet from a .44 Magnum put in my head.”

She’s received emails. About the number that any working journalist will get if they write on a hot subject. Death threats are a bit much of course but this is very much closer to that mere vulgar abuse which is indeed free speech, isn’t it? Certainly closer than a howling mob chasing you out of the building and following you down the street…..

11 thoughts on “The outrage, the outrage!”

  1. The leftist creep wasn’t “forced” to cancel anything.

    He got some nasty emails and shat his pants. Even on the empty email threats front I doubt his collection is a fraction of Murrays or Milos. Or Ben Shaperio or anyone else who dares to gainsay the left.

    Milo, Murray and Shaperio went to these campuses and braved howling mobs of leftscum. And retreated only when assorted bluebottles said they could not (more likely had been ordered not to ) protect them from a violent, howling crew of thugs and slags.

  2. The Inimitable Steve

    If they keep calling the crazy Bernie Sanders supporting homeless guy a “white supremacist” (“spare 20p for a cup of Zyklon B, Guv?) it’ll become as believable as repeatedly insisting Russia hacked Hillary Clinton’s brain.

  3. I bet Katie Hopkins gets a hundred times as many such emails as Taylor yet I don’t see her playing the victim card. Taylor is a snowflake.

  4. The left lie about everything, it is in their nature. If they tell you they are in danger, they aren’t. If they tell you that they respect your views, they don’t. If they tell you that you are safe, you should run. It has become so blatant lately that I can assume the opposite of any leftist statement and be fairly confident in being correct.

  5. “I have been threatened with lynching and having the bullet from a .44 Magnum put in my head.”

    Making such a declaration is as good as actually receiving such.

  6. Princeton professor discovers the bubble she lives in is just that… A bubble. Princeton professor also discovers the concept of “consequences”.

    Full story at eleven.

  7. Murray vs Flynn
    At least they debate politely even if they are on opposite sides.
    The IQ + nurture v nature debate is complicated. Unless it’s debated and properly researched then only the imbeciles will win.

  8. When it comes to taking a great big flatulent dump all over liberty, we’ve got nothing on some of these countries!

    In court, she claimed she had liked and shared the picture in question without fully reading the content. “I like to pass on funny things”, she told the court.

    The picture, which asked “Do you have anything against refugees?” had a number of answers including “Yes, machine guns and hand grenades”

    For sharing the picture .. the woman was sentenced to a 1,350 euro fine

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