There’s ever been a certain tension between Scots and Irish, no?

Sturgeon could offer Northern Ireland women free NHS abortions in Scotland

Including certain historical wonderings about whether the Scots are in fact the Irish or vice versa – the truth being that there have been migrations in both directions.

But come over here and we’ll kill your children for free is a new variant, isn’t it?

13 thoughts on “There’s ever been a certain tension between Scots and Irish, no?”

  1. The Inimitable Steve

    Burning helpless unborn tiny humans with chemicals and then dumping their wee broken bodies in medical bin bags will show the DUP who the kind, tolerant people are.

  2. Yep, trying to protect unborn children is the clearest indication of bigotry it is possible to display.

  3. > With whom is Nicola Sturgeon seeking to make friends with this?

    Northern Irish SJWs, presumably. Can’t be many of them about though.

  4. “the truth being that there have been migrations in both directions”: we inhabit a small archipelago. Still, if it hadn’t been for the Votadini (Britons from the Edinburgh area) marching south, West Wales might still be under Irish rule.

  5. This is nothing to do with concern for NI women. It’s to appeal to the “progressives” in Scotland who they were targeting at the GE.

    Remember: everything, and I mean everything, the SNP do is with the ultimate goal of independence in mind.

    They’ve made the calculation that rural and farming areas are lost/about to be lost once more to the Tories following Brexit, so they need to go all out for the city voters.

  6. dearieme,

    The Votadini clearly did a good job – the Lleyn Penisula is not named from the eponymous group who inhabit Leinster or anything…

    Actually that whole thing is apparently a ninth-century misunderstanding of an earlier genealogy. Incompetence is a curse of historians past and present.

  7. But I understand that there is archaeology to back up the claim of Irish colonial rule in West Wales, so the incompetence can’t be too great.

  8. I hear heads spinning in RC hierarchy who’ve had a very cozy relationship with the SNP since the days of the now disgraced Keith Patrick Cardinal O’Brien

  9. TMB

    “With whom is Nicola Sturgeon seeking to make friends with this?”

    Perhaps she’s trying to say: ‘Sco’land’s progressive, unlike the DUP and the Westminster tyrants that they are propping up.’

    Meanwhile, all she’s actually aborted is IndyRef2.

  10. @ Andrew M
    Oh come on – the Ulster Catholics don’t abort due to their religious principles, so offerring free abortions to women from N.I. just reduces the number of Protestants/agnostics born, accelerating the growth in %age terms in supporters of Sinn Fein so she will have more Marxists elected to westminster to support her policies.

    The Catholics will soon outnumber the Protestants in N.I. thanks to their breeding faster. One of the causes of the disaster in Lebanon was due to the Shia having more children than the Maronites so the original agreement could be claimed to be wrong. Nicola just wants to accelerate disaster in Ulster.

  11. The Inimitable Steve

    john77 – I don’t think NornIron – Protestant or Catholic – is like 1950’s Britain, more’s the pity.

    Also, I reckon Sinn Fein is basically toast. Let us not forget: they lost.

    No, they haven’t gone away, you know. Simply run out of radical steam. A united Ireland looks further away now than it did in 1972. The Republic doesn’t really want them, official rhetoric aside, and probably couldn’t afford reunification anyway. The welfare bill alone runs to nearly £6Bn a year in the province.

    I’d bet good money on the Norns staying in the UK even if the majority of the population was nominally Nationalist/Catholic. Sinn Fein has a lot in common with the SNP, they’re essentially now ethnic grievance merchants and SJW troughers LARPing as nationalists.

    NB – Sinn Fein doesn’t even oppose the EU anymore. Forget the murals, the rebel songs and the Hibernian chest puffing. It’s all toola loora bollocks.

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