There’s just so much in this headline

First shark attack on surfer in UK waters leaves man with small cut on his thumb

It’s the sort of thing that Alan Coren would spin one of his feuilletons from.

Some little porbeagle fighting the confusion between his essential sharkness and biting things and his essential Englishness and never wanting to impose on anyone perhaps….

6 thoughts on “There’s just so much in this headline”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Surreptitious Evil – “That’s because cats aren’t English. Damn furriners, the lot of them.”

    You laugh but the Scottish wildcat, like pretty much all the other populations of the European wildcat, is endangered because of interbreeding with the common house cat. There are only about three dozen pure-bred cats left. So naturally the government plans to “broaden” the definition of a wild cat so they can pretend we are not about to see a major mammal species become extinct.

  2. Sure it wasn’t a graze wound from a barnacle attached to a basking shark cruising peacefully by him?

  3. When I was a lad the local paper once reported that a man had parked his car in the middle of the road. It is hard to remember that such news items were seen as riveting in those days, certainly in a backwater like Crawley New Town.

    And reading them made a change from firing ricks and cornholing our sisters. If, that is any of us had been able to read.

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