This is interesting

Rightwing extremists involved in nearly a third of terror referrals

Two thirds are presumable therefore either left wing or religious?

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  1. One-third of referrals but only 8% of arrests.
    So SJWs are four times as likely to accuse a normal innocent person as having “extreme right-wing views” when he/she has not done anything to cause the police concern as a moderate Muslim is to make an unjustified report of a fellow-believer..
    The Grauniad does not find this a problem – I wonder why?

  2. What john77 says. They’ve cherry-picked the number that shows the far-right in the worst light, and they still fail.

  3. A third of referrals, 8% of arrests and under 3% of the UK victims of terrorism so far this year.

    Yep, right wing terror’s the problem all right.

  4. The BBC’s done a timeline of British terror attacks with a 21-year timespan, implying that Islamist terror is about half the total.

    I contacted them pointing out that they’d omitted (off the top of my head) the shoe bomber, the 2006 multiple airliner bomb plot, the Muslim shopkeeper stabbed for wishing his customers a happy Easter, and the 67 Brits killed on 9/11.

    The page has not been updated.

  5. As well as Islamic and left-wing, there’s animal rights and anti-abortion groups. Probably others, too.

  6. Who defines what is right and left here anyway? I’m not sure I can tell the difference with some of the nutters out there.

  7. There is no “far right”.

    Fascism is a boil on the arse of socialism and always has been.

    If there had been no socialism there would have been no fascism either.

  8. You are extreme right if you recognise how evil is the ideology behind the cult of PedoMo and understand that mainstream Islam, not some supposed perversion of it, is the biggest problem facing western democracies.

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