This isn’t quite what I would describe as “being a boozer”

‘I never really enjoyed drugs. The smoke made me paranoid and the cocaine made me feel like I was in a dentist’s office, with that terrible taste down the throat. I’m a boozer. Give me a vodka and a glass of wine at dinner and I’m fine.’

Sorta missing the rest of the bottle of vodka and the third bottle of wine to be a boozer, really, isn’t it?

21 thoughts on “This isn’t quite what I would describe as “being a boozer””

  1. The definition changed ages ago. That’s why there’s such a ‘drink problem’ these days.

    That needs State intervention, naturally.

  2. OT but vastly more important.

    It seems that Davidson is making noises about Scottish Tories not supporting Dress Up unless she stays in single market and customs union.

    If so Brexit would be fucked.

    Thoughts anyone?

    A second referendum would be wanted by neither side and what Davidson wants is the worst of all worlds. She apparently cares more about the DUPs dislike of gay marriage than she does her country.

    I would brass it out and tell her to tow the line or get ready for VenezuelaUK.

  3. When I worked in a pub, we had a couple of proper high-functioning alcoholics as customers. They would walk half a mile or so from their offices (because they’d all been done for drunk driving so had lost their licenses) and they’d have a 4-pinter lunch then wander back to work.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    Seen in a pub on the A9 just north of Perth but I’m sure not unique:

    I’m not an alcoholic – alcoholics go to meetings, I’m a drunk.

  5. In the City, during the 70s, a 4-pinter lunch was for Mr Everyman. High-functioning alcoholics would have likely consumed a half-bottle of vodka for breakfast – their 4 pints for lunch – and the other half bottle of vodka during the course of the afternoon.

  6. I think it is (wrongly) assumed that people can’t smell vodka (alchohol) on your breadth, whereas with gin you can.

  7. Story now is that Davidson has denied it and it was just BluLabourgraph’s clickbait.

    That makes sense as if she has a fraction of the brains she is claimed to have she must know rocking the boat is a supremely bad idea right now. So Remainiac pukes at the paper on the job. The calculate Brexit can’t be stopped but must be soft-wrecked . The fact that May has appointed another remain puke as her new right-hand stooge is not a good sign.

    Back to your booze lads –as if you ever left it.

  8. funny article. Inference is he’s as gay as box of chocolate fingers, but no need to go into any details, no one cares even the Daily Mail.

  9. I share your concerns, Ecksy. Every remainiac is muttering that hard Brexit is dead.

    It’s enough to drive me to drink, but never vodka.

  10. Words to live by:

    ‘If we drink we will die
    If we don’t drink we will die
    So we might as well say “What the hell!”
    And raise our glasses high’ –

    Kalinka song, Taras Bulba

  11. The EU hacks can’t allow us to get away lightly. ANY terms they put forward will be shite.

    Corbyn can’t support such abuse and hold the “My Dad voted Labour” Brexiteers in his camp.

    The supposed 2 million young Marxian snots ARE a big problem. Time and having to be the breadwinner for families who will really bear the brunt of Corby’s soak-the-rich crap will cure MOST of the young and dumb but the country will be sunk and swimming with Corbo-imported beard boys by that time.

    However a Merkel-like couple of million RoP/SS imports may still not be enough votes to keep him in– not after 5 years of Corby-mess and the trouble his imports will bring. The trouble then is that I don’t think he would go. Even Brown and Blair went–however unwilling- when the time came. But Marxist scum like Corby won’t accept that.. He’ll say its CIA brainwashing and his important work isn’t done.

  12. Young Marxian snots… I’m sympathetic to your argument, Mr Ecks. However every generation is obliged to repeat and to learn from the same mistakes.

  13. What you say has great truth Bernie.

    There used to be a safety info film–back in the day–were there were various little vignettes showing a kid falling off his bike and a baby falling over, where the narrator talked about learning life lessons from the School of Hard Knocks.

    The final scene however showed a little kitten just about to try cosying up to an exposed industrial grinding wheel.

    Luckily a man arrived, grabbed the kitten up and away from danger and put the machine’s guard down

    The commentary was to the effect that “Sometimes the knocks can be TOO hard”.

    With Corbyn we are talking about the end of country as a place of decency and mostly goodwill and in 5 years not the 20-30 year import timetable that is usually given.

  14. I recall a lad that sat at the next desk (long dead) who would never drink more than two beers in the pub at lunchtime in case he was suspected of being a drunk. After sinking his second, he’d walk 400yds to another bar and drink two more there. Four pubs was his average Monday-Friday lunchtime session.

  15. The wandering four-pub stalwart once owned a fleet of oil tankers, his hobbies included trans-Atlantic yacht racing. Lost all in a recession. Must have been tough, sharing a desk with a twenty-something no-nothing like me in order to pay the rent and buy groceries.

  16. The 16 pints on the Headrow Run plus the 17th at the Faversham as a Leeds medical student back in the 70s I think defines being a boozer. Most Friday nights. How did we survive? Let alone graduate.

  17. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Two or three pints a day, a few shots here and there, a bottle of wine with dinner now and then and you should be able to carry on for 80 years or so. Sadly I compressed that lifetime’s worth into about 28 years, which is why I stopped. It ceased being fun, which is an extremely good reason to discontinue doing something.

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