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Timmy’s recolonisation effort

As regulars around here will know I picked up a little column in a Bangladeshi newspaper while I was out there. The payment for which is at Bangladeshi rates and thus not significant. It’s also damn near impossible to get money out of the country anyway. Thus the fee, on that minimal but weekly basis, just gets passed on to the lad who was my minder when I was out there. You know the sort of thing that happens in a less than developed country, someone local to make sure you turn up on time, that the local police don’t shake the Westerner down, all that good stuff.

That lad then having spent the money upon:

And as you know this is the holy month for all the Muslim across the globe, as we fast throughout the month. Adding your contribution with ours we have organized a small lunch program for the underprivileged children, orphans and old people who was fasting and works hard on the road all day long.

Children and the elderly are not covered by the injunction to fast during Ramadan and the general injunction for the month is to be more charitable, as well as that obligation to fast for everyone else.

Looks like a damn good way to spend £80 a month to me. Although there is this ever so slightly disturbing worry that I might be feeding more poor children than the entirety of DfID.

19 thoughts on “Timmy’s recolonisation effort”

  1. British foreign aid is around 2% of national income. From time to time a politician says we need to keep to the 0.7% spending commitment. It’s a pedantic thing to ask but no-one ever says to the politician why they want to reduce it.
    Of course the politician means the compulsory foreign aid budget – they’re not much interested in the amount the free market and philanthropy provides. Thanks for highlighting the free market bit Tim.

  2. This is outrageous Tim. The STATE should be feeding everyone. Better people starve to death than anyone get the idea that private enterprise works quicker, gets things done better, is more flexible, can be more local etc.

    Your £80 should go to a giant monolithic state enterprise that would spend only £50,000 ensuring that your £80 was properly spent. Obviously the £50k would have to be printed.

  3. Good effort. I imagine you have done more in one month for genuinely poor people that Jeremy Corbyn, Richard Murphy or any of the rest of those cunts have done in their lives.

  4. The Meissen Bison

    More cynical viewpoint: Minder sends piccy of charity lunches and puts deposit on motorcycle.

  5. That would be fine. I actually told him to just keep the money. This spending was his own idea.

  6. …uses motorcycle to start takeaway delivery service, becomes multi-millionaire, pleasing Timmy.

  7. Damn those muslamics with their indoctrination of children. He probably put a bomb in a bowl of dates or something.

    Coming over here, they will be, doing virtuous deeds for the community. Kill them all!

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