We will defeat terrorism by hanging people who survive suicide missions

You just know that someone’s going to make that argument, don’t you?

52 thoughts on “We will defeat terrorism by hanging people who survive suicide missions”

  1. The Inimitable Steve

    Muslims: can’t live with em, happily lived without em for many centuries.


  2. A pigskin noose might be of some benefit.

    Nothing like as much benefit as no more arriving, their losing the vote and a benefits cutdown etc.

  3. The Other Bloke in Italy

    They have to go back. Every last one.

    Followed by the Africans.

    Problem solved.

  4. The Meissen Bison

    Theresa May has unburdened herself of another load of glibness and Troilus Twat has praised the police.

    So we can now enjoy the rest of our Sunday.

    If Boris is still foreign secretary on Friday he might get his department to report on how countries outside Europe that have significant moslem populations prevent their non-muslims from being murdered by the muslims and how they contain the very troublesome Prophet (pbuh) in his box.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    Even terrorists have mothers. Sisters. Sometimes wives and daughters.

    We have not yet begun to explore the options known so well in the Muslim world.

  6. Isn’t the point of greater penalties for suicide bombers that in English law it also applies to attempts (those who are foiled by the police before they blow themselves up) and conspirators (those who materially help in the planning but don’t actually do the deed themselves)?

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    Mr Ecks – “We want to beat them not become them.”

    We want a lot of things. There are only two choices. Either we deport them all and retain some liberal traditions in Britain. Or gradually we become more and more like every other country with a significant Muslim population.

    Most people around here reject the first choice. So slowly we will evolve towards the second. It is not a matter of personal preference. It is just that water does not flow uphill.

  8. Singapore has a 15% Muslim population. How have they managed to deal with them? You don’t tend to hear of problems there in the same way as in places like the Philippines (11%).

  9. Strong action will contain them and their numbers can be encouraged to decline.

    Round up and deport can’t be done at once.

    It would have to be gradual and there are no destinations that want the trouble they bring. Even the ratholes they came from don’t want them back.

    The alternative is to stop the flow and make breeding a difficult and too expensive business. That plus a small bounty to bugger off voluntarily will ensure the problem will disappear over time without us becoming monsters ourselves.

  10. “We will defeat terrorism by hanging people who survive suicide missions…”

    Do you mean the victims?

  11. PeteC,

    Singapore has a 15% Muslim population. How have they managed to deal with them?

    Singapore is run by an iron fisted authoritarian regime, if that kind of rule was imposed in the UK then Islamic nutters would be the least of the States problems.

  12. Another option is to convert them. I’d love to hear a report on the churches’ efforts to save these souls.
    Of course a ban on new arrivals and foreign preachers would aid in this.
    And perhaps we could assist families to reunite somewhere else?
    Perhaps a Christian version of the Jizra might help as well.

  13. One way to at least give these pond life pause is to ensure that any terrorists killed don’t receive islamic burials. Per their perverted “religion” – if they die killing infidels they go to their islamic heaven – but only if they receive an islamic burial. If they don’t then no 72 virgins for them. the apochryphal tale of general pershing in the phillipines would be starting point. – a longer term solution of course is fewer muslims. Fewer muslims = less terrorists – it’s a proven fact.

  14. ‘Round up and deport can’t be done at once.’

    False dichotomy. You don’t need to round them up; get them to deport themselves.

    All it takes is two words: outlaw Islam. Islam is not compatible with Western Civilization. Period. Ban it in the West. Enforce the ban.

    Else people will continue be murdered while Ecks et al wait for decades for demographics to shift.

  15. Gamecock–I’m talking practicality here–I’ve no more love for them than you but I have some regard for my own soul.

    What good would it do to “outlaw” Islam? Is it going to disappear? You can knock down the mosques but where are you going to jail those who won’t obey. What if thousands of them get together in the open air to prey? Arrest ’em all-how. Try them–in how many courts. What jails can hold them? Fines–don’t be daft. What if they tell the coppers to fuck off and keep preying. How much muscle are you going to turn out to physically fight with them.

    Which leaves the gun. How many are you going to shoot while they pray?

    So the only recourse you see is to start ordering them to leave. What if everywhere they apply says no?

    Going to round them up and dump ’em on the North African shore? Most will starve or be robbed/murdered by the locals who wont want them and probably couldn’t feed them anyway.

    That leaves you only 2 places to go. Kill or contain.

    Contain is the only one that doesn’t stain our souls.

    Don’t get me wrong. I am NOT well-disposed to them and the more violent they get the stronger our response should be. But I have inveighed enough on this blog against mass murder for it to be clear that that is NO option either directly or by the proxy of neglect and/or leaving less-squeamish others to do it.

  16. Richard,

    ‘Isn’t the point of greater penalties for suicide bombers that in English law it also applies to attempts…’

    No, it is just horse shit theater for the general consumption.

    Murder, Intent to cause and Conspiracy to commit are well established in English Law (Common purpose or Joint enterprise no longer is).

    There is no need for any new laws just the commitment to enforce the ones we already have.
    If those in power said this that would imply (quite correctly) that they have been sitting on their collective arses (whilst Londoners tremor) rather than the ‘we must be seen to be doing something to justify my lifestyle over yours that you pay for’ that this exercise is.

  17. Have we been here before?
    cf Kipling’s ‘When the Saxons began to hate’

    That is a misquotation, very common on t’web:

    The Beginnings


    “Mary Postgate” (A Diversity of Creatures)

    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the English began to hate.

  18. The Meissen Bison

    Ecksie: What if they tell the coppers to fuck off and keep preying.

    Excellent typo because that’s rather what’s happening.

  19. Singapore ensures all public housing apartment blocks are filled in a similar proportion to the state’s demographic. If a Malay wants to move then they need to find a Malay to take their apartment etc. This prevents ghettos and forces people of different ethnicities to live together and get along.

    They also won’t fuck around with any extremists who would disappear as soon as they opened their idiot mouths.

  20. Guys. Singapore is a great place. No qualms about deporting people not conducive to the public good. Migrants don’t get more rights than citizens *as they are not citizens*.

    Public housing has quotas specifically to avoid ghettos and private housing is so expensive, with no housing benefit, only smart and hard working people can afford it. Try paying for a landed house or a decent apartment in Singapore whilst praying five times a day!

    Plenty of halal good and a huge mosque in the Arab quarter but the biggest reason for them not having an issue is state control of the religion. They regulate Islam and have a minister of muslims and control what is allowed to be discussed by Iman. No more lower than pigs and dogs stuff about Jews or comments about beheading those who disrespect Islam. Oh no. They don’t have a Muslim problem as they don’t allow the authentic religion to assert itself, won’t allow Saudi funded Iman or mosques or madrasah, and won’t muck around if anyone steps out of line.

    Every day I commute into Bank station I wonder whether someone will do the unthinkable like Manchester. I have no concerns in Singapore.

    We either allow religious freedom but get rid of the concept of islamophobia or we revisited the hell out of Islam.

  21. We’ve got a long way to go before this gets fixed. May saying “Enough is enough” is one more step on the way. She’s no longer saying that this is under control.

    So next steps: 1) lip service to internet censorship. Facebook, Google etc might employ more people to get rid of Jihadi videos. The videos will then move to random websites. Then we go through whack-a-mole of blocking those sites, only for them to pop up again. 2) more attacks on ISIS, like there’s any chance that getting rid of ISIS will not mean another bunch of young men who want to get rich by grabbing the oil 3) more money thrown at the police to try and find the needles in haystacks, as though Islamic Jihad has a command and control structure like the IRA.

  22. Anon
    These guys are on social media. The dark web doesn’t have the advertising reach.
    So when it kicks off it’s fairly easy to find the associates.

    In one of his lucid moments X gets it right. We don’t jail people for what they are, we jail them for what they do. If you jailed 3,000 nutters you would create twice as many hydra headcases.

  23. BiF–My lucid moments exceed your entire output. Hell my spelling mistakes make more sense than you.

    The only beards on social media are the thick ones. Fiddling with the Net will do sod all to stop the Heavy Brigade.

    And lets be clear –we haven’t seen the heavies yet. The shower on the job so far are mostly self-appointed skirmishers.

    And remember most of the “conspiracies” wound up by the authorities were also started by those same authorities, winding up young nitwits into a trap.

    I doubt they have so far caught any actual real plots on the wing. And that is from non-battle-hardened amateurs.

    There are an infinite number of ways for them to organise and communicate without using the Internet at all.

  24. X
    Perhaps this isn’t the best day in history to wind you up with a nuanced comment. The BBC was full of “men of mediterranean appearance” last night.

    Can you give examples of even a few of the “infinite ways” these shits can organise apart from the internet please. I would bet that MI5 already has listening devices in mosques, tests halal shops infrequently, etc. So show us some others.

  25. Apologies if a trifle strident today BiF.

    This is a place to start but the list goes on and on.


    Most effective would be pre-arranged stuff–codes/dead letter drops/ phrases that mean something else agreed beforehand and utterly unknowable to outsiders- all remembered from face to face Jihadi contact overseas.

    Your own wit can come up with a hundred variations. From invisible ink to microdots. All the old pre-Internet tactics that the soviets worked well enough to run rings around M I 6 etc.

    Yes those are vulnerable to interception –but only if you know who you are looking for. They are plenty of criminals in the UK who might move messages around without knowing who or where they were going or what was in them. Even when people are flagged up the security crew miss the important ones.

  26. Gamecock–The cryptics won’t do you know–they really won’t.

    You have proposed a course of action. I tried to show what –in practice–it would work out as.

    If you have a means by which what you propose could actually be done without dragging us down to Hell ourselves I will be willing to support you.

    But I can’t see any way that you can do it. Show me a workable idea beyond “Ban Islam and ????” (no need for a massive amount of details just an outline will be fine) and I will be happy to consider it.

  27. I’m just reading The Strange Death of Europe by Douglas Murray. His thesis is that Europe is slowly committing cultural suicide by losing a lot of what comprised European culture in the past. The welcoming of a large influx of immigrants in several waves is one theme. Another is the strange need to feel guilt and apologise for stuff our ancestors did. He also draws a distinction between the milquetoast reactions in Western Europe (including today) and the more robust rejection of immigration in Eastern Europe.

    He sees no obvious solution, and I don’t either. Ecksy’s seems to be half-way practicable but it would also require a robust effort to integrate the current Islamic population with all the extended hassle that would entail.

  28. X
    Generally I agree with your diatribes, even if they are a bit long.

    I too would close some universities and sow their land with salt.

    But have you a moment to consider that your solution is just a mirror of getting rid of the kulaks? You made a good point: we don’t want to become like them, we just want to get rid of them.

    A bit complicated how you do this though. Any firms making parachute silk quoted on the stock market?

  29. “Can you give examples of even a few of the “infinite ways” these shits can organise apart from the internet please.”

    Amazing how short memories are. The Paddies managed to organise them selves quite successfully, long before the interweb arrived. There’s any number of books describe the tradecraft of covert operations. Letter drops, secret writing, concealment devices, cryptography …..

  30. BiF–I would not advocate what I do if I could see a better choice but I can’t. Peace and love won’t cut it. They must be stopped from multiplying both by import and breeding. What I suggest is not Libertarian but neither is civil war or dhimmitude.

    The left will not escape unscathed either. The Purge should be their share of well-deserved pain. Along with a few other ideas I’m still thinking about.

  31. Mr Ecks: The only we could ‘become’ these dogs is if we convert to their religion- which is notable only for being the only thing perverse and insane enough to let them overcome their innate urges to tribalism and combine against us- and interbreed with them.

    Executions and repatriation prevent this becoming necessary.

  32. TG
    Ed West & David Goodheart are worth reading as well. There’s also a good one on France, which started down this track earlier than us, but amazon seems to have gone silent on it and I can’t remember the author.

    Measures are already being taken about the breeding problem I believe. Child benefit restricted to 2 children, no you don’t get a bigger council house if you breed more. In time this should have an effect.

    And look on the bright side. The CM scum are such munters they hardly breed at all.

  33. Telegraph headline: “Theresa May calls on internet companies to eradicate ‘safe spaces’ for extremism in wake of London Bridge terror attack”

    What the entire country wants to know is what are you going to do about the extremist safe spaces known as “mosques”, you stupid bint.You can start by eradicating them.

  34. Ecks, I’ll answer to God for my soul, for my children and their future I’ll do or accept anything to stop these murdering shits and their savage cult.

  35. Wat
    That just won’t work. Islam doesn’t need mosques, it needs recruits. If you close a mosque the imam will come to your house, along with the FGM “expert”.
    Better to know your enemy than to have him hiding in every council flat in Tower Hamlets.

  36. Paul Rain: To you I extend the same invite as Gamecock. I would much prefer that they not be here ( and that the left be punished for bringing them). If you can give me an idea of how that might be done without causing mass death amongst them I will be very happy to receive it.

    I am not willing to dump them on the beach in N Africa–if we could manage the logistics–which I suppose we might be able to. They would starve or be massacred.

    You can say “All out by such a date” and let them make their own arrangements as opposed to a roundup. But who in the world wants them? Even the German cucks would refuse. Let alone scum like the House of Saud. What then?

    Their numbers must be contained and any violence met with violence. If we stop the rise their will be no civil war and if we can’t contain the violence by measures tried a police state may be needed. ON THEM–not on us. Equality before the law does not apply to enemy aliens.

  37. X
    “I am not willing to dump them on the beach in N Africa–if we could manage the logistics–which I suppose we might be able to. They would starve or be massacred.”

    I am. It costs $thousands to get from the Horn of Africa to Calais. Do you imagine that the family that clubbed together to pay the original smuggler couldn’t do it backwards? He’d love it. In logistics it’s the backload where the real profit is made.

    Yeah, I’m sure the paddies were so sophisticated about dead letter drops, invisible ink etc. In fact they just met in pubs then took a walk to a field or a farm to discuss tactics.

    I think my point stands: it’s not secrecy that’s crucial to these nutters. It’s recruitment. So you need to advertise or proseletise. So it’s easy to see who is doing it and who is swallowing the bullshit.

  38. You could try introducing blood money where by the family, friends, attendee at the same mosque have to pay huge damages to the families of the dead and injured. Any one leaving the country while blood debt outstanding loses the right of return. Add on the pig skins of yore and you would see some decrease.

  39. There could be a special tax on tweeting celebrities to pay for Muslims to be expelled, or at least for the equivalent of a denazification programme.

  40. ‘If you can give me an idea of how that might be done without causing mass death amongst them I will be very happy to receive it.’

    Why should I care if they have mass death? They can avoid it by leaving. Or they can choose it. Alternatives that allow them to kill more of us are not acceptable. Them or us. It’s not complicated.

  41. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Yeah. The way to not be killed for being a 7th Century camel-fucking barbarian is either to go somewhere else or to stop being a 7th Century camel-fucking barbarian. I don’t think Europeans have let their spines turn entirely to jelly and if the dam breaks, well there’s no civilisation in history that is better at efficient, mechanised death. If Jews had been running around Germany in the 1930s blowing up children and mowing people down in cars, while shouting about their being filthy goyim, with the tacit approval of the wider Jewish population, then there wouldn’t be any Holocaust memorials. There’d be a few pious sentiments about how the Germans had gone a bit far, but only after intolerable provocation. If the Mohammedans want to see the Einsatzgruppen reformed, then they’re going about it the right way.

    Note I predict rather than advocate.

  42. FYI

    Google Maps give New Scotland Yard to London Bridge as 7 minutes along The Embankment – obviously less if one can ignore the traffic lights

    Just saying…..

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