You may well believe it

Farmers have hit out at a ruling by the advertising watchdog that organic dairy farming is not “good for the land”.

The Advertising Standards Authority banned an Arla advert for organic milk, saying it was “misleading”.

The watchdog upheld a reader’s complaint that the ad, which also claimed the milk was “helping support a more sustainable future”, was misleading on the grounds that dairy farming was not good for the land.

But Michael Oakes, NFU Dairy Board chairman, said the ruling was “disappointing”.

“It’s been a long-held belief that that organic farming does hold benefits,” he said.

But the ASA demands to know whether it’s true or not, not whether you believe it.

The ASA said: “We acknowledged that Arla had provided evidence regarding the organic farming methods used and that they believed this was more sustainable than non-organic farming.

“However, we did not consider they had substantiated that organic milk production had an overall positive impact on the environment, taking into account its full life cycle.

“We therefore concluded that the claim was misleading.”

So, no then.

2 thoughts on “You may well believe it”

  1. Bloke in Germany

    Simple. Declare it a religious belief (which it is anyway) then no one can stop you advertising it. You get a tax break as well.

    Trebles of moloko plus all round!

  2. I’ve always said the day organic farmers give up their diesel powered tractors and Landrovers for horses and their centrally heated and electrically powered homes for a life of open fires, candles, mangles and reading books is the day they can say they are more ‘sustainable’ than conventional farming.

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