You’ll have to do better than this Tom Watson, you’ll have to do better than this

That can’t be allowed to happen this time. The Competition and Markets Authority must conduct a thorough review of the proposed Fox takeover, taking all the time it needs to assess its likely impact on the provision of news and entertainment in the UK. The deal would make the UK’s dominant media company – which has a near 35% share of the newspaper market – more dominant still.

The papers are owned by News Corp. The bid for Sky is from Fox.

They really are separate companies you know.

7 thoughts on “You’ll have to do better than this Tom Watson, you’ll have to do better than this”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Who cares? The US shows that the elite can control pretty much 100% of the media and the voters eventually wise up.

    No one believes anything the media tells them.

  2. “There is only one dominant media company in the UK – the BBC.”

    Shut it down. Gone in a week and a lifetime of laughter from all the squarking.

    Pay off the low-levels–cameramen, techs etc. NOTHING for the treacherous leftist Boss Class.

  3. Don’t forget the way the BBC magic-ed up the phone hacking scandal at exactly the time that News International was bidding for the rest of Sky? Also that it was only Murdoch apparently, the Mirror and other involvement was quietly swept under the table later on. The government drones led by Watson dutifully complied and blocked the bid. Murdoch went away and reconfigured his empire so as to be allowed to proceed. Twatson seems to have missed that bit..

  4. If Tom Watson was really bothered about media monopolies he’d be all for abolishing the license fee and letting the BBC take adverts and charge for services directly. A competitor for Sky would do consumers some good.

    No need for a money grubbing privatisation. Give it to license fee payers in the form of shares. They’ve paid enough for it already.

  5. I can’t be bothered reading the article. I probably agree with him though.

    But this: “taking all the time it needs” – come to a conclusion that you think is best for the country by all means, but don’t be deliberately obstructive on the way there.

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