8 comments on “Suspected Gold Robbers Arrested in Germans

  1. Joking aside (the link seems to have fixed the typo) there is a problem with the gold standard.
    The price of gold can go up and down, See history of spanish empire for example.

  2. Curses! BiF wins.

    They fixed it..

    “Suspected Gold Robbers Arrested in Germany
    Hundreds of German special police have raided several buildings in Berlin, arresting four suspects in a brazen gold heist.”

  3. The coin, which has an image of Queen Elizabeth II on one side and maple leaves on the other, was on loan from a private, unidentified person, dpa reported

    Since the coin was stolen for its intrinsic gold value rather than its denominated, artistic or ornamental value, I suspect that “had an image of Queen Elizabeth II” would be the correct phrase as Her Maj has presumably met her golden fate at the hands of a blowtorch and/or electric powered foundry.

    Shame, but hey ho.

  4. BlokeInTejas said:
    “… arresting four suspects in a brazen gold heist.”

    So which was it – gold or brass?

  5. ‘Hundreds of German special police’

    Did they come in a short bus? What makes them special? Autism? Down syndrome?

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