Ah, yes, amazing how often this has been discovered

A trove of Nazi treasure valued at over £500million has been pinpointed in a Bavarian wood.
But the hoard cannot be excavated because the treasure hunter who has found it has fallen out with the landowner — whose permission he needs to extract it.
Hans Glueck, 76, who has quested after the hoard of gold, diamonds, artworks and rare postage stamps for two decades says the owner of the land wants the treasure for himself.
But without the map and coordinates he has obtained down the years ‘he is as blind as a mole,’ said the fortune-seeker.

I know of two instances here in Czech of the Nazi gold train being found.

Perhaps “claimed” to be found is more accurate because no one ever does produce the gold.

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  1. One would imagine that if there was anything in the story, the German government would declare the hoard treasure trove and take over.

  2. Would make quite a good story — two intransigent old geezers, one with the map and the other owning the land, arguing and negotiating for years, so much so that it becomes the entire focus and point of their lives. Then they die and their heirs swiftly reach an accord, only to find there was no treasure in the first place.

  3. Is he looking for a few bob to “buy” the landowners permission ? Makes a change from the usual Nigerian scams

  4. Hidden Nazi loot was part of the plot of the film ‘Goldfinger’, so the story’s obviously been around a long time.

  5. “One would imagine that if there was anything in the story, the German government would declare the hoard treasure trove and take over.”

    The one doesn’t necessarily follow the other. There may or may not be Nazi gold hidden where the bloke says it is (most likely not), but at the moment the only evidence is one old German bloke. I doubt the State would start digging purely on his word alone. If they listened to every nutter with an obsession then they’d be rather busy……………..

  6. Actually the Nazi loot is buried in our kitchen garden. People are welcome to come and dig it over in October.

  7. This story is remarkably similar to Yamashita’s treasure in the Philippines. Instead of fleeing Nazis it was fleeing Japanese who hid the loot. Imelda Marcos claimed at her trial that her wealth came from finding this gold rather than looting her country.

  8. I used to drink with a bunch of guys seeking Yamashita’s treasure, supposedly buried all over the Philippines. It is staggering how much money was pumped in. one of the financiers actually paid us some serious wedge to use our boats, hired vacationing deep sea divers and spent months excavating a known wreck about 10 foot off a pier in 30 foot of water. (could have been done with a snorkel).

    The Yanks themselves had recovered all the bodies and then flattened the hulk to clear the dock, but apparently, they had missed tonnes of gold.

    Interestingly, the more Filipinos they drowned, crushed, suffocated, the more they believed they were on the mother lode. The last one I was told about was billions in bearer bonds found on a plane; Plain crazy, geddit? https://www.treasury.gov/about/organizational-structure/ig/Pages/Scams/Examples-of-Known-Phony-Securities.aspx

    Amazing stupidity because they could have blown invested their money with us seeking the legendary ‘Nao de Chine’. Now there’s a story or two I could tell….

  9. There was a fortune in artwork in a flat a couple of years back and no one knew apart from the guy who lived there.
    Just because something belongs to the government doesn’t mean they can get their hands on it until someone tells them about it.

  10. Maritime Barbarian

    It will no doubt turn up on cable as “The Hunt for the Nazi Gold” – episode 27.
    None will be found – it ended up in Swiss banks long ago and funded the ODESSA network.

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