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As you do, as you do

HIALEAH, Fla. (CBS News) — Investigators say Georgia newlyweds kidnapped and raped a woman in a violent attack Sunday, reports CBS Miami.


18 thoughts on “As you do, as you do”

  1. They later walked into a shop naked?

    Woman goes shopping. Opens her window to speak to another woman as many decent people would–and is clubbed, terrorised raped and sodomised by two subhuman pieces of shite.

    This “couple” are the kind of case that would make being a public hangman a very enjoyable job some days.

  2. “rape stories per day” Is this a new ‘new media’ unit measurement?

    Consider the source. It’s hardly on radar for Tim, considering the most common sources.

    This story was sniffed or highlighted by one of the fans – go on go on etc

    Was it you that had a go at my moniker?

  3. Amazingly, as something close to a working journalist, I’ve been known to look at Google News to see what everyone else is writing about. Which is where I found this story.

    So JC, there’s yer pogo stick now ‘op it.

  4. It’s a blast having Jesus Christ comment here. Makes me feel great about not being a Christian.

  5. “Clickbait” – what a weird comment. I don’t think so. We’re in single figures over here, and almost half of that is JC himself. Just a shake your head, what is the world coming to, sideways glance at the news, and at the deadpan, either refusing to be outraged or can’t be bothered, style of reporting linked to.

    Like the man said, sheesh.

  6. Simple test to see if he really is Jesus Christ…

    What make and model car do you drive Jc?

  7. Not going to click through.
    As my old dad said, it’s not a surprise, from a Dawinian p o v, that people are evil. It’s a surprise that some are good.

    The motive for this atrocity, apart from sheer evil, was to upload the video to u tube + get 5m likes on facebook I suspect.

  8. Jesus drove a Honda. he didn’t speak of it much though.

    John 12 verse 49
    I speak not of my own authority or of my own Accord…

  9. Geez, that’s supposed to be the other way around – that’s what Florida Man (and Woman) do on their honeymoon in Georgia.

  10. Chernyy_Drakon, but his father drove British, and in races I believe; it is said that Jehovah came fourth in his Triumph.

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