Because there’s a night club where this happens in every city in the country?

Finally, a gay Blind Date. What took so long?

After all, it’s not as if Teh Gayers are known for their reticence in making an advance now, is it?

7 thoughts on “Because there’s a night club where this happens in every city in the country?”

  1. How many gays are blind?
    It should be called Differently Sighted Date to be inclusive and non-judgemental.

  2. Per BiF’s comment, a Blind Date with actual blind people, guide dogs and all, could make for excellent telly.

  3. Andrew M
    I think you should pitch for that gig. The Ruperts must be getting desperate.
    In this household I’m probably about the biggest TV watcher, about 20 hours per year for the rugger. Lions matches were on Canal + but for the subscription price I could probably get on a plane and buy a match ticket from a tout.
    My children are permanently attached to a smartphone or summat, my wife catches up with Eastenders on an ipad.
    I look at the telly and wonder how long it will be before it’s as quaint as a traction engine.

  4. Way back in the uncultured year that was 2004, Sky1 treated us to “There’s Something About Miriam”, a dating show where six blokes unwittingly try to woo a pre-op transsexual. It caused a minor fuss at the time; but I can’t imagine it being made in 2017.

  5. The Inimitable Steve

    Speaking of gays, anybody see Willie Hague cucking for the EU in the House of Cronies?

    Apparently it’s important for us to “work harder” to “lead action” in “trouble spots.”

    Willie’s especially concerned about Somalia, which we’re supposed to give a fuck about for… reasons.

    Ascot winner Baroness “Gosh” Ashton and Lord Robertson of Trisomy 21 and Kosovo war fame also piped up, just to remind you that some of the worst human beings alive infest our system of government.

    Why do we need a second chamber?

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