Cliches much?

Grandfather, 33, kicked off plane says he was discriminated against because of his facial tattoos


Davi and Kerry-Anne were accompanied by their daughters Skyla and Shelby-Ann, Kerry-Anne’s daughter Keeley Millerchip, her partner Andrew Bostock and their sons Kenzie and Jayden.

Not actually, it appears, a grandfather. But still…..

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  1. Off topic but worthy of a closer look, Tim?

    The Murphatollah’s latest squawk is about the gender inequality of pay at the BBC. The following comment is awaiting approval on Murphy’s site but is unlikely to get past the censor…

    “(Murphy says) “[the BBC is]…living in a time warp when it comes to gender equality.

    I make the point for several reasons. First I want the issue addressed”

    Says the man who on the one hand claimed his wife made a significant contribution to his LLP but on the other hand only gave her 1% of the profits.”

  2. Yes. Yes they are discriminating against you mate, for having face tattoos. And unless you’re actually Maori that’s a wholly good thing.

    Because you know how every bit of grafitti scrawled on a wall translates as “I am a loser,” well every non-ethnic facial tattoo translates as “I am a sad tosser.”

  3. As DocBud points out, it’s #chavnames a go-go! Perhaps that should have given the boarding crew a clue when they saw the manifest?

  4. Tatoos obviously count against them. But short of videos of what happened he could be telling the truth–verbals with another tribal group behind his crew. Another good reason to start your camera as soon as anything kicks off.

    If Mr Chav and his family-clan had been videoed kicking off trouble unprovoked then a trip to a quiet airport sideroom and a hiding for the lot of them would be a suitable response. They could then continue their holiday by the next flight considerably chastened and in a more subdued mood. If not–the world is full of siderooms.

    All tattoos should be laser-burned off jailbirds as a matter of course.

  5. The Meissen Bison

    Theo: AKA a large Legal Aid cheque?

    To save m’Lud’s blushes, I understand that the Profession would consider that an oxymoron.

  6. AndrewC

    Well in fact Murphy has engaged with you but elsewhere makes rather a telling typo on that thread:

    “I earn what I think is a pretty average salary for a UK Orofessor”

    Thus confirming what we here all think – the man is an arse.

  7. As we never tire of pointing out, Britain is an exceptionally tolerant country. We cope fairly well with idiots with facial tattoos, viewing them as mere curiosities rather than dangerous thugs.

    The rest of the world, however, is not as tolerant as the UK. Mr Stretton-Mellor has learned to his cost.

  8. TMB – yes, it’s oxymoronic from the legal profession’s point of view, but not from the taxpayer’s.

  9. Skyla – not even spelled Skyler, but Skyla. Shelby-Ann. Keeley. Millerchip. Kenzie. Jayden. The wife doing that horrible trout-pout because she thinks it accentuates her cheek-bones. The combover. The facial tattoo. Polacks being assholes. Ryanair being assholes. Nope, no cliches to see here.

  10. “All tattoos should be laser-burned off jailbirds as a matter of course.”

    Why? Most of them would get the tattoos replaced.

  11. Mr Phrastus, the taxpayer is ill -informed. I speak as one who prefers to see the abolition of taxpayer funded legal assistance.

  12. And, actually, I didn’t look at the photos and think, “hmmm, money!”. I just thought, “quelle surprise, wonder what his previous is like”.

  13. Theo–The idea of jail is–or should be –punishment. If you have been dumb enough to get tatoo’ed up Yakuza style over half of your body surface then laserburning–which I understand hurts–should serve as an extra punishment.

    Sure–they can put them back again–ready for the next round of jail time.

  14. “BraveFart


    Well in fact Murphy has engaged with you…”

    Not exactly. He didn’t counter with any other information.

    And now my latest incarnation is banned!

  15. Ned Lud–No legal aid is fine with legal free market. Legal crooks controlling who competes with them and thus keeping–and constantly jacking — their prices up? Then not fine. A system where most ordinary people can’t afford the services of a lawdog but that’s no problem for the many well-off by villainy and the scum of the state? Not acceptable.

    When participation in the law’s toils is entirely voluntary then you can say no legal aid. When ANY person can be a victim of legal trickery such help is needed for most people of modest means. That a few chavs get help to duck the system is the price that has to be paid.

  16. @Mr Ecks, laser burning? Sounds a bit expensive. As a concerned taxpayer, hourly hire of an orbital sander would be more cost-effective.

  17. Mr Lud,
    I accept that the amount that honest lawyers can earn from legal aid cases has declined (I had it on good authority: the elder brother of an old friend so he wouldn’t have lied to me), but *any* jobs that are “well-paid” in comparison to what lawyers expect to earn are now extremely rare. So you must expect those less-well-informed than Messrs Bison and Theophrastus to be jealous. There are hard-working STEM graduates from decent universities paid less than my pension.

  18. Mr Ecks, I agree with you: I would end state licensing of lawyers. In fact I would end state licensing.

    john77, my gripe with legal aid pay is not particularly that it is high, which it mostly is not, nor even that it is low (although it does get my goat when people lazily resort to these old-fashioned tropes about fat cat lawyers). Rather, my gripe is that it disconnects me from the true fruit of my labours and leaves me at the mercy of diktat. It is also, in many ways, thoroughly dishonest. Of course, there are plenty of people who earn less than their skillset suggests they could earn – my complaint is where this is imposed and, likewise, where less than adequate lawyers are paid the same regardless.

  19. @JuliaM

    Purchase of a belt sander would probably be kinder to the taxpayer, especially if they used 60-grit aluminium oxide belts.

  20. The operators of aircraft and the local police tend to be busy people. They chose The Parent’s Route To Justice… Which is refusing to waste time and effort finding the offender, pronouncing everyone guilty, punishing all, and getting back to more important business.

    And Davi should note that he got what he asked for: He got that tattoo to send a message to people who don’t know him.

  21. Bloke in North Dorset

    Lots of hearsay and as nobody ever puts their hand up and says “yeah, I fucked up, sorry” I’m not included to believe people in these situations, given the ubiquity of mobile phone videos.

    The one thing we can bu sure of is that diverting a plane is very expensive and wouldn’t have been unless the Captain had real concerns.

  22. Facial discrimination? I like that. And someone who display it is a facist – halfway between a fascist and a racist.

  23. Mr Lud
    I was teasing you. My comments were more to do with the costs that angry scumbags and chavs with little impulse control impose on the rest of us and less to do with lawyers. My daughter is a solicitor advocate.

  24. > nobody ever puts their hand up and says “yeah, I fucked up, sorry”

    Lots of people do. But they don’t make it into the papers. For some reason, idiots with an over-bearing sense of entitlement feature heavily in the news.

  25. “For some reason, idiots with an over-bearing sense of entitlement feature heavily in the news.”

    The news of the last week is that the idiots with an over-bearing sense of entitlement are reading it.

  26. What Andrew M said
    +1 – or umpteen
    This afternoon I sent an apology to a nice lass because I had misread her email last week as coming from someone else from whom I had expected an email that didn’t arrive.

  27. “There are hard-working STEM graduates from decent universities paid less than my pension.”

    Then there can’t be much of a market for their talents. Whatever they may be.
    Unregrettably, the labour market* is not an outdoor relief system for chaps from decent universities.
    *Private sector, of course. The public sector is an outdoor relief system for chaps from universities.

  28. Heaven knows what a “decent ” university is. One where they cover up the legs on the statues?

  29. Bloke in North Dorset

    Andrew M,

    “Lots of people do.[own up and apologise] But they don’t make it into the papers. For some reason, idiots with an over-bearing sense of entitlement feature heavily in the news.”

    Good point. The seen and unseen, as it were.

  30. I’m getting fed up of refering to people as “partner” when they have sprogged together. If you have kids with each other sh’e your wife, he’s your husband, I don’t care if you’ve got a bit of paper or not. When my great-great-great-grandparents had four kids before getting around to tying the knot, they consistantly refered to each other as husband and wife, not partner.

    No kids, ok, partner/girlfriend/boyfriend. Once you’ve sprogged, it’s hubby and wifey.

  31. God, read it further: RyanAir. Well, they can go f***k themselves. They chucked me off a plane last week because I don’t have a passport and I was travelling in the passport-free Common Travel Area, the f***kwits.

    Caught a train to Holyhead instead and went on the ferry. The only ID they asked for was my train/ferry ticket.

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