Dear God the Americans are strange

OJ Simpson could be denied parole after he was caught pleasuring himself in his cell – strictly verboten in federal prisons in the U.S.


16 thoughts on “Dear God the Americans are strange”

  1. But they turn a blind eye to funny business in the showers? And this is federal prison. State prisons are even worse.

  2. That male masturbation is a messy business might have something to do with it. If not, then it’s a fear that inmates might be enjoying some activity while incarcerated.

  3. No- think its a thing that the cons do to intimidate female screws. As seen on Louis Theroux.

  4. Given the fact that tens of thousands of rapes take place in US prisons every year, it seems a rather trivial matter.

  5. I feel we have not been given the full story. The article has an unexplained line about if it is done with “intent”. My guess is that it’s a violation to intentionally masturbate in front of somebody else.

    In order to be caught masturbating, he would have to have continued doing it after she unlocked his cell and walked in. One can see why that might be punishable.

  6. Its because he did in front of a female corrections officer. Inmates wait for them to do their muster check good to go. Its a widespread issue.

  7. The justice system really has it in for him for getting off it seems, in more ways than one, Because he said nobody was to leave the room in the robbery he was convicted of they added kidnapping to the charges to bump up the sentence.
    Interestingly my wife had never followed the trail and she watched the recent drama based on it (excellent) and a couple of documentaries since, her conclusion was that she felt he did it or had someone do it, but that the case was so badly investigated and run she agreed with the jury that enough reasonable doubt existed for a not guilty verdict.

  8. Actually, there’s another, more important reason it’s forbidden… And it’s called “gassing”.

    Gassing is a prisoner taking biological material (usually feces and/or urine, but also spunk) and throwing it at corrections officers. Given that a fair whack of the prisoners in the USA are HIV positive, getting covered in someone’s spunk could be deadly. That’s why prison administrations take it so seriously.

    Sadly, I learned about this phenomenon from a client. He learned about it from his brother, who has been on Ohio’s death row for about 20 years.

  9. Because he said nobody was to leave the room in the robbery he was convicted of they added kidnapping to the charges to bump up the sentence.

    In most U. S. jurisdictions, the definition of kidnapping includes the act of detaining a person by force or threat. That’s exactly what Simpson did.

  10. Hallowed Be: This is just another reason why having female prison officers is retarded. You have a man in there, maybe OJ gets his teeth kicked in, no problem, all sorted.

    Guarantee he was fucking at least one of the other shitty low-IQ affirmative action ‘officers’.

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