Hey, why not, go ahead, do it!

At least ten female BBC presenters will consider legal action against the BBC if the corporation does not close the gender pay gap, in a revolt by women who did not appear on the £150,000 list.

‘T’ain’t illegal for there to be a gender pay gap. ‘Tis illegal for like work to be paid differently on the grounds of gender. A court case would be an interesting place to discuss what is “like,” no?

25 thoughts on “Hey, why not, go ahead, do it!”

  1. If they are going to do it with their own money, fine! If they are going to get legal aid, not fine.

    They’ve had enough of my money!

  2. Has anyone seen a sensible data-driven analysis (e.g., hours worked, audience of shows participated in, years of experience in job) of these numbers with a link to share?

    I think the data set isn’t that meaningful in the first place (it’s the outliers at the top, and ignores all the revenue via production companies) but I’d still be curious to see it actually analysed rather than merely whinged about.

  3. If it’s decided (by courts, or by any other means) that the BBC must pay comparable stars equally, then one of two things must happen: Either the BBC must over-pay women, or it must under-pay men. In both cases we end up with more women and fewer men on the BBC, and vice versa on the other channels.

    Women love working for the state, and having lots of women fits the progressive narrative, so this is clearly going to happen.

  4. A few female presenters could justify higher salaries if they capitalised on their essential difference from their male counterparts – ie by getting their tits out.

    The ratings would justify it.

    The younger ones that is – Alex Jones for example.

  5. I wonder if this is one of those cases where both sides have already agreed on the political outcome they want to see and will now pretend to go through a court case to “force” the law in the direction they wanted.

  6. I imagine most women will shrug and think that all the presenters – male and female – are grossly overpaid. This whole issue is driven by middle-class feminists.

  7. The Meissen Bison

    Andrew M: one of two things must happen: Either the BBC must over-pay women, or it must under-pay men.

    Why not dream of a third way, whereby the BBC ceases to pay any of them and they make their own way in the world, dragging their production companies behind them like Bo Peep’s ovine entourage.

  8. Bravefart–Had I millions to spare I would hire every good lawyer in England at triple time for a year if they could devise a legal stratagem by which these females could all be obliged –one after the other–to show the Court their tits from the witness box.

    It would be feminism’s equivalent of Custer’s Last Stand.

  9. They should pick newsreaders and such in a game show format: “Britain’s Got News-reading Talent”, “Strictly Come Interviewing”, “I’m Not a Celebrity, Get Me Into There”, and the like. Double-whammy.

    (Not, I think, ‘The Y Factor’.)

  10. I couldn’t give a tinker’s cuss about the BBC, but this situation was entirely predictable and of the BBC’s own making. This is not the 1930’s where we need some Oxbridge educated toff droning on at us in received pronunciation to teach us oiks out in the provinces how to speak proper like.

    Most of these highly paid BBC “talent” is simply the “talent” of getting a job on the beeb and being either “our kind of people” (biased lefties who will smear the propaganda on thick) or “chippy Northerners” to cover the gaps in their diversity base.

    Sure, I understand that London is expensive, which was the whole point about opening up Media City in Manchester, but surely the point was to close at least some of the many BBC offices and production studios and transfer them to Media City, while perhaps retaining a small regional studio like the one at Westminster for the political stuff, having 16 Buildings spread across London is ridiculous.

    Move the jobs and get them to reapply in Manchester at gender equalised rates of pay much, much lower than they are today.

    Advertise the Newsnight jobs at £50,000 a year in Manchester and you’d still get a vast number of applicants. If the prima donnas don’t like it they can bugger off to one of the many other channels.

  11. “Strictly Come Interviewing”

    I believe that Andrew “Brillo” Neil has won that one already.

  12. This won’t get to court. The Beeb will cave instantly then demand a fifty quid increase in the telly tax and Mrs May and her jellyfish will immediately give in on the grounds that people will call them nasty names if they attempt to hold out.

    And us Brits will mutter into our beer, then pay up as usual for the sake of a quiet life.

  13. And us Brits will mutter into our beer, then pay up as usual for the sake of a quiet life.

    Nope, but then I still retain a spine. Haven’t had either a TV or watched broadcast TV for more than a decade. Get rid of your addiction to the boob tube and free yourself.

  14. fine let them do that then maybe someone can turn round and tell a female dominated profession (nursing maybe) that they have to sort their act out and comply with the law

  15. Who determines what an actor / actress / newsreader / presenter / host should be paid?
    You want Graham Norton to do a show with some unknown 30 year old woman – will you pay them both the same? Or recognise that what you offer for the show is down to value?

    Next we will have women footballers demanding same pay as male footballers and male models demanding the same pay as female models.

    Then high school bands demanding the same pay for a performance as the big bands…

  16. Have each of them take over from Chris Evans for a week. If the audience figures don’t drop, they can keep the job.

  17. It’s all a storm in a teacup. I don’t use the BBC’s services, so I couldn’t care less. Every single one of them is paid too much. And paying any of them more because they have a vagina is ludicrous.

    PS If the beeboids have been paying presenters purely on ‘star quality’ — without any documented reference to experience, competence, previous success, psychometric testing, etc — then they are foolish and incompetent beyond measure. I hope however, that the feminists are refuted by the beeb’s lawyers using the beeb’s own HR records.

  18. This does seem to be a rare case of men and women doing the same job equally well and being paid differently.

    Usually its equivalentising ( can i say that ?) carpenters with seamstresses or male tennis players with female players, where either the jobs or commercial value are different.

    Cant see a way out of this for the beeb, they’re gonna have to pay up, and it will turn more people against them.

  19. The thing is that I can’t think of a single female DJ who has actually been any good at it.
    The entire radio 2 weekday schedule from 6.30am – 7pm is blokes, and ever time one goes on holiday and they put a female on (which they do with great frequency these days – I suspect partly to try and be more equal) I’m pretty sure you (and they) can see the listenership fall off a cliff.
    That isn’t to say that some of the male DJs aren’t pretty poor too – if they chucked Graham Norton off the top of broadcasting house, I’d think exactly no-one would miss him and his boring camp drivel.

    Of course this is an industry where performance related pay would be pretty easy – if DJs were paid a flat rate per listener/hour their pay would be reasonably easy to justify.

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