How European of you Jonathan

The argument of democratic principle is clear. June 2016 was a decision to move house. But we had no inkling of what our new home would look like. We surely need to look around before we take the plunge – in case, once we’ve seen the state of the kitchen and the upstairs bathroom, we decide to stay put. Put another way, once the Brexit terms are known and settled, Britons deserve a straight, up-or-down choice.

Keep having these votes until it goes the right way, eh? They did it to Ireland, France, Holland, Denmark……

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  1. The Remainer Left don’t seem to have twigged that Jezza’s plans for nationalising everything can’t happen if we stay in the EU. Remaining to confound the chances of a socialist utopia is the only good reason for staying in the EU, though it’s a case of cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  2. I would say it’s more like moving out on an abusive partner who takes our money while belittling us. Who cares what the next place is like as long as it doesn’t have that sack of shit in it? We can soon fix it up.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    The soft left continue to be consistently inconsistent on referendums …..

    In 1975 they were a good thing because it allowed Wilson to dodge his own party’s anti EC wing.

    In 2015 they were bad thing because it was a device for the Tories to bring to an end their own factionalism, but at least there’d be a resounding Remain vote and that would be the end of discussion for at least a generation.

    From June 2016 they are a very bad thing because the people are idiots and anyway
    Parliamentary supremacy so it was only advisory.

    2017, they are now a good thing so let’s have another on the deal in 2019 because we can persuade the people they aren’t idiots.

  4. So, in this analogy, because of the bastard landlord, we have told him we are moving out. We then discover that the landlord is determined to make our leaving as difficult as possible, by threatening his other tenants, so we wonder if we should stay instead. But there is no provision for us to compel him to allow us to change our mind, and being the bastard he is, he is most unlikely to allow us the rental discount, allow us to pay in sterling instead of Euros, and still wants to be the final arbiter of any dispute between us, riding roughshod over any requests we might make, on the basis that we have changed our minds and chosen to stay.

    It’s not just a decision of whether to move or not, but what do we do about a bastard landlord?

  5. In NZ at least, once you’ve agreed to buy a house you are obliged to buy. No backsides, as we say round here.

    You can’t back out on the basis you didn’t look hard enough.

  6. No comments on the piece that I could see. Odd that.

    As somebody pointed out yesterday–they are at the “bargaining” stage.

  7. The War Criminal was on R4’s Toady this morning, proclaiming that his mates in Europe had seen the light and were going to reform, so there was no need for us to leave at all. Macron was in the driving seat, apparently.

    Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth …

  8. @CM

    I find it mystifying. Hasn’t he been here before, with promises of CAP reform (which he gave up part of the rebate for, iirc?). Hasn’t the country been here before, with Cameron’s promise that if we stayed in the EU, we wouldn’t be staying in the same-old EU, we would be staying in a shiny new reformed EU? (Actually I hardly remember that phrase coming out at all during the referendum, which suggests even the Remain campaign realise the deal Cameron had managed to negotiate was a bit of a dud, but while Cameron was jetting off to the national capitals in search of his deal it was always in the name of “reform”.)

    Tony Blair apparently does, or did, have relatively sensitive political antennae. So I wonder whether he is simply trying to stir something up, or if he honestly believes what he is saying, in a hopeless optimist kind of way? He claims to have been talking to important figures in behind-the-scenes conversations, and they claim that a volta face is imminent, but in that case why are EU leaders so insistent that the Four Freedoms are fundamental, there will be no changes, and no special offer on them will be available to the UK? Certainly Cameron didn’t get significant movement on the issue, and judging from his experience East European seem very unlikely to budge on it even if Macron were to come out in favour of stricter rules.

  9. Bliar is just living up to his name.

    The EU would–like another one of those inspired by its founder–rather commit suicide in a bunker than change a comma of its shite.

    There is nothing they could say that could be trusted for a femtosecond (or a Vimtosecond for that matter) or to any distance further than an electron’s orbit about an atom.

    Liars and scum all.

  10. The Meissen Bison

    Tony Blair is Britain’s Nicolae Ceaucescu – universally despised without realising it.

    Of course Nicolae Ceausescu DID realise it in the end and in a way that Blair never will because he has an extensive security detail paid for out of public funds while he is filling his treasonous boots giving speeches.

    Bloody man brings out my inner Ecks!

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