I missed this message too

It may have been meant as a compliment, but whether Brigitte Trogneux, the wife of French president, Emmanuel Macron, appreciated being told she was in ‘such good shape’ was a matter of conjecture.

Telling someone they’re looking good is misogyny now?

21 thoughts on “I missed this message too”

  1. Trump is trolling Macron, he’s actually saying;

    “What an old boiler, is that the best you can do?”

  2. JuliaM, Yes, it’s the “Trump saying”, not what is said. It’s not feminism, it simply wouldn’t have made headlines said by anyone other than Trump.

  3. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    Alsways has been Tim, sigh, it’s like opening doors and giving up seats on trains.

    It also depends where his hands were at the time…

  4. Yes, but Trump going on to admire the polish on her zimmer frame was possibly a bit tactless.

  5. Its the classic back handed compliment – no one made any public statements about Carla Bruni ‘looking good’ because everyone could see with their own two eyes she was knockout. Whereas everyone can see Mrs Macron is, well, not Carla Bruni-esque, so giving her a compliment is just highlighting that fact.

  6. Social Justice Warrior

    It was characteristically oafish behaviour by Trump. You need to know a married woman a lot better than that before you made uninvited comments on her appearance.

  7. Is it a comment on her attractiveness? When I say these words I think they mean that you look healthy

  8. A couple of years ago I spent the summer cycling, and lost quite a bit of weight. On coming back to work people told me: you’re looking good. I didn’t realise I was the victim of misandry. Who do I sue?

  9. ‘Telling someone they’re looking good is misogyny now?’

    If they are between the ages of 1 and a hundred. And female.

  10. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    “And zees ees my wife, Joan Collins:”

    “Gilftastic to meet you, Mrs Dench.”

  11. Trump should have turned to Macron and said “Is this your Granny?”.

    Just to see to see if he had the balls to take a swing.

  12. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Trump is boorish and verbally maladroit and “not our kind of people, my dear” so to a posho like me he does or says something on a daily basis sufficient to prompt a Bateman cartoon. But he has one saving grace that mitigates all of this: he has ensured that that repulsive, corrupt, malevolent thundercunt Hillary Clinton will never be President. For that we should all be singing loud hosannahs pretty much on a continuous basis.

  13. @bloke in spain, July 14, 2017 at 10:48 am

    Yes, but Trump going on to admire the polish on her zimmer frame was possibly a bit tactless.

    How many fit young Polish females were pushing Mrs Macron’s zimmer frame?

    Were they more attractive than Melania?

    Anyway, Mrs Macron is more attractive than Michael Obama or his boyfriend.

  14. Social Justice Warrior: Macron is a shithead, and the fact that he’s married to his grandmother probably has something to do with it. Fair play to Trump.

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