I wuz raped, M’Lud

Or at least sexually assaulted:

At first glance, it appears an everyday story of an older man falling for a younger, pretty blonde woman.

The photographic evidence certainly seems to suggest Seumas Milne, the 59-year-old Labour Party spin doctor, enjoying an intimate romantic clinch with a 36-year-old lawyer who is not his wife.

Not so, said friends of Mr Milne. Perhaps somewhat ungallantly, they insisted Mr Milne was “not a willing participant” in the encounter.

Mr Milne, Jeremy Corbyn’s director of communications, had not relished a moment of his embrace with Jennifer Robinson, a human rights lawyer, on the balcony of a hotel in east London.

The point being that, from the imagery at least, that was sexual assault if it was unwilling.

22 thoughts on “I wuz raped, M’Lud”

  1. Has anyone on here thought of the existence of “lying”. From a Guardian journalist and Labour stooge. Surely not!

    He should be very careful. Even if she’s a total munter she’s a human rights lawyer and if she’s not busy could sue the arse off him.

  2. The Laughing Cavalier

    When you consider the economic policies he expects us to believe are credible, it is not too much of a stretch to consider that he might have been an unwilling. participant.

  3. In true.Communist fashion, I.am sure Jennifer Robinson will accept her vilification and humiliation as it is clearly for the good of the Movement.

  4. So now he’s got two angry women after his blood. Did he ask himself “WWJD?” (“What would Jeremy do?”)

  5. Perhaps she was drugged and raped . That worked well for Beria.

    And I’m sure “Bury-Her” is what Shame-uss would like to do at this point.

  6. @Kevin Lohse,

    You mean, crowd-fund the suite they were staying in?

    Or is that the internet-winning typo of the year?

  7. Yes, because you book into hotel rooms with younger blonde women that you absolutely don’t find sexually attractive and have no intention whatsoever of having sex with……………..

  8. Thomas Fuller,

    What would Jeremy do? Divorce his wife and marry someone who agrees with him. We’ve got clear evidence on this one, it having happened twice (it turns out agreeing with him for any length of time is rather difficult)…

  9. BiF: No way a munter IMHO, looking at the pic on guido. It’ll definitely be a popcorn event if she does have a go at him.

  10. I’m with Fred Z and Ecks here. The journalist Nick Cohen (himself hardly right of centre) described Milne as ‘the closest thing to a Stalinist in British politics, and while you could argue Owen Jones, he’s essentially such a wet blanket that he doesn’t really count. Milne, on the other hand looks like the kind of hard faced hatchet man that would have been more than happy signing death warrants in a darkened room. Anyone who could have thought hiring him as an advisor was a good idea ought to be expelled from Parliament rather than being on the verge of entry to number 10!!

  11. Looking at Ecks’ response I’d suggest those journalists going after Milne need to watch their step. He is closer to a Lavrenti Beria style figure than many might think and my guess is he has a long memory….

  12. It’s typical that more fuss appears to be made over Milne possibly being untrue to his wife than his being a ferociously unpleasant Stalinist turd.

  13. Charlie: I suppose in this case anything to take him down a bit has to be good. Calling him a Stalinist with a cogent justification of that point of view doesn’t quite have the ‘what a shit’ impact of a sex scandal. The reaction also suggests that Milne has made a few enemies in the press corps so they are quite happy to embarrass him despite getting named in his payback book.

  14. Bloke in Costa Rica

    He’s got his hand on the back of her neck. Yeah, right, that’s how you fend off an unwelcome advance.

    Ho Chi Milne is such a revolting cunt that I hope this ruins his life.

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