It is a polar record Pen Hadow wishes were impossible to achieve. The explorer, who was the first person to walk solo across the pack ice from Canada to the North Pole in 2003, will now try to highlight climate change by becoming the first to sail there in a yacht.

Wonder if he’ll get trapped in the ice as so many previous attempts have….

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  1. So he is using a 14 year period as evidence of climate change? He must take us for fools. Or perhaps he is one himself.

  2. “HMS Terror” was lost with all hands trying to ignore the reality of ice and cold.

    Perhaps a similar fate awaits” SS Lying Sack of * Eco-Shite” .

    Although with the lying eco-freak scum on the job the yacht will likely be air-lifted up there and a hole blasted in the ice for it. So they can have their deceitful photo-shoot.

    * Short for “SS Lying Sack of Well-off Middle Class Cultural Marxist London Bubble Eco-Freak Shite”–but they’d need a longer yacht and an entirely absent liking for truth.

  3. Geographic pole or magnetic pole? Easy way to fool people by not saying which one. The magnetic pole has been ice free for a long time as it moves.

  4. The Other Bloke in Italy

    SBML, you are probably bang on. Some nonsense involving canoes went to magnetic North a few years ago.

    There is a new stunt every couple of years. Eventually one will end in worse than frostbitten embarrassment.

  5. ‘will now try to highlight climate change’

    Try to highlight. Very limited objective. Hardly worth getting out of bed for. Note that the objective is NOT to sail there, rather to ‘highlight.’

    I wonder what this ‘climate change’ thing is that he needs to highlight? Must be important if he is going to highlight it. Must be different from this other climate change thing I’ve heard about a million fvcking times.

    These things always work the same. There will be big time media coverage up to the embarkation (such as this Times article). Then we’ll never hear another word, except on the real science blogs like WUWT and Homewood’s notalotofpeopleknowthat and Heller’s realclimatescience, people giggling about the tribulations of the silly expeditions.

  6. The Inimitable Steve

    The explorer, who

    I’m pretty sure the poles have already been explored.

    Anyway, what’s a “Pen Hadow”? Wikipedo says it’s short for “Rupert Nigel Pendrill Hadow”.

    Which would be an excellent name if you were the leader of the League of Extraordinary Twats.

  7. I keep seeing adverts about saving the snow leopard.

    Snow leopards eat ibex. I’m going to set up a fund to save ibex. By shooting all the snow leopards.

    Circle of life.

  8. Bloke in Costa Rica

    “…the leader of the League of Extraordinary Twats.”

    Steve, have I ever told you I love you? In a totally gay way.

    Tim N: +1

  9. I don’t mind him going to the magnetic north in his boat.

    He has to do it in winter though.

  10. Arctic sea ice is esoterica. No one lives or dies based on how much there is. Or isn’t.

    In fact, less would be better. Next time someone tells you the Arctic will be ice free in 20__, say, “OH! GREAT!”

  11. The WEB site is vague about almost everything to do with the ‘expedition’, from the route to be taken to the ‘science’ which ranges from recording what they see to dropping a bucket in the sea to sample the water.

    The only groundbreaking part seems to be the naked attempt to get people to hand over their cash to support Rupert in his publicity drive.

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