Interesting demand from a socialist party.

This one is in America:

The party wants to raise the federal minimum wage to $15/hour, adjusted annually for cost of living increases and regional differences, as a step towards a living wage for all.
The party wants a minimum guaranteed weekly income of $600/week for the unemployed, disabled, stay-at-home parents, the elderly, and others unable to work.

Those who can do maths will note that $15 an hour for 40 hours is $600.

Be interesting that, won’t it?

13 thoughts on “Interesting demand from a socialist party.”

  1. Does anybody know what the logic for this is?

    If the $600 is clawed back as people increase their working hour, then it’s actually a plausible policy. Has (potentially dire) disadvantages, either that it is mindbogglingly tremendously expensive or that it imposes what is effectively a huge marginal tax rate as people step up their working hours, depending on how the trade-off is set, but it would at least be logically coherent.

    If the $600 switches off as soon as people start working, then the incentives you are offering are “work full time, or stay at home, whatever you do you get the same income” which would be genuinely loopy.

  2. They really, really do not do numbers, do they?

    $600 for 40 hours work, or $600 for no hours work. Let me think about the second-order effect of that for a moment…..

  3. Seems familiar. From each according to his ability; To each at least $600 per month and we’ll tax the heck out of anything above that.

  4. ” “work full time, or stay at home, whatever you do you get the same income” which would be genuinely loopy.”

    Sadly, that’s basically how our welfare system works right now.

    Get benefits if your income is below whatever the cutoff is, watch all the benefits immediately disappear if you earn one dollar more than that cutoff.

  5. Back in a previous life on the savannah I wanted free dentistry.

    I demand compensation.

  6. As Tim has pointed out many time, if The People want this to happen, The People have the democratic power to implement it, with the resultant requirement for The People to pay for it, either through taxes or prices.

  7. Gets calculator: bloddy ell. That’s 23 grand a year!

    Wonder if their campaign insists “nobody should be on less than average income!!!”

  8. $600 a week? Jeeze, I couldn’t get by on twice that.

    Should you accept $600 a week, you are forever fvcked. Which is how the Left wants everyone.

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