Isn’t it grand how we help people obey the law?

Netherlands and UK are biggest channels for corporate tax avoidance

Avoidance being, by definition, the practice of obeying the law in every jot and tittle.

4 thoughts on “Isn’t it grand how we help people obey the law?”

  1. I will hazard a guess that the Netherlands and UK succeed at it because they have clearly written laws and are properly enforced.

    Tax avoidance is following the law. It requires immunity from frivolous prosecution – something you may not get outside Netherlands and UK.

  2. I’d guess that ISAs and Pensions are the biggest channels for personal tax avoidance, but maybe that overlooks such ns&i delights as Premium Bonds and ILSCs.

    All are either sponsored by or offered by HMG.

  3. Pensions is really tax deferral rather than avoidance. You could save part of your earnings now, from your gross income, and then pay regular income tax on it when it was paid out. Until the one-eyed moron fscked it up.

  4. Pensions are both avoidance and deferral. If you earn more than 43k you can offload some of that 40% liability, and then draw 1/4 of it back tax free when you’re 55 and probably pay 20% tax on the rest.
    If you have 2 kids and earn 60k, you should consider offloading 10k and you would keep all £1788 a year of your child benefit. Double bonus time. All the part-time GPs are in on this imv.

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