Just a thought about the likes of Jodie Barrett

Umm, what? 6 foot five and fast enough to be a full back?

This rugby in a world of full and fine nutrition is going to be different, isn’t it?

14 thoughts on “Just a thought about the likes of Jodie Barrett”

  1. Better coaching
    Better and varied food
    I watch our local team, who to be honest are crap. Occasionally a game breaks out and they are 100% more skilled than I ever was

  2. My three boys play mini rugby ( and rugby) one of them is pretty good actually but they all put a shift in which is what counts.
    The last test was not a great spectacle but the tackling and commitment were brutal and it could have gone either way .
    What I really liked was the camaraderie between the players after the game.
    That is what sport is all about ( and winning obviously )

  3. 6 foot five – so more leverage – so the bones will break an the joints will tear.
    And be a sort of cripple by thirty.
    Then what

  4. Then what

    A million dollars in the bank and a lifetime of adulation?

    Seriously, even minor All Blacks do well in NZ society. Stars are made for life, provided they are not arseholes.

  5. From the BBC

    “”Wow,” gasped New Zealand skipper Kieran Read to his opposite number Sam Warburton, three minutes before the end of the third and deciding Lions Test. “This is rugby…””

    Well, thank fuck he realised that 3 minutes from the end of a 3 match series. What the fuck did he think he’d been playing?

  6. I am 3 inches taller than my dad, my 17 year old is 4 inches taller than me. If we used the climate models my grandchildren would be…
    But there’s a reason why we don’t have 60 foot elephants.

  7. What the fuck did he think he’d been playing?

    He meant that he was really enjoying it.

    Most of the time rugby is his job, not a game. And like all jobs, it’s hard to keep up the excitement day after day.

  8. Cricket has also changed. We see athletic full throttle fielding not only in limited overs games but also in five day tests these days.

  9. “Cricket has also changed.” I got into my school XI essentially because I was a good slip catcher. I suppose that nowadays I might be expected also to be rather better at flailing and hurling.

    On the other hand I played only a handful of games between leaving school and arriving in my late thirties, when I was asked to open both batting and bowling. So there must have been a dreadful decline in standards in twenty years, or my school XI was better than I’d realised.

  10. It’s the same with all sports. Almost every professional sport is seeing its athletes get taller than they were even just a few years ago. If ever you find yourself in the midst of a professional football team you will suddenly find yourself feeling very small. 6’2″ is a typical minimum height for a large number of sports.

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