My, isn’t the country changing?

Almost one in three children born in England and Wales have foreign-born mothers, new figures show.

In 2016 28.2 per cent of births were to women who were not born in the UK, an increase from 27.5 per cent the year before, according to figures released by the Office for National Statistics.

Researchers said that the increase was partly due to higher fertility rates among foreign-born women. A larger number of them are also aged 25 to 34, when fertility is highest.

The rate has been rising since 1990, when it hit a low of 11.6 per cent.

There are changes and changes of course. A cousin married an American, the son is being hot housed at Eton for Cambridge. Not sure that’s going to change England all that much. Certain vibrancies however…..

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  1. Fawlty Towers “don’t mention the war!” has morphed into something else these days.

    This is not a nigger in woodpile, more of an elephant in the room.

    The phrase “storing up wrath” comes to mind…

  2. Aren’t we already seeing the ‘benefits’ daily? Stabbings are a regular occurrence in London, now we have acid attacks, assaults on paramedics, the antics of the GrenfellTower Tower mob, etc,etc.

    Tomsmith is right. It’s started, and it can’t now stop.

  3. Last verse of Kipling’s poem ‘The Stranger’

    This was my father’s belief
    And this is also mine:
    Let the corn be all one sheaf–
    And the grapes be all one vine,
    Ere our children’s teeth are set on edge
    By bitter bread and wine.

    Of course it might all end up being a lovely happy melting pot where fluffy bunnies dance around in the street as we all party in a wonderful ethnically diverse paradise.

    But my bet is on bitter bread and wine.

  4. It’s going to change ‘parts’ of England in the medium term. Truth to tell, if I see three black faces or three women with headscarves in an average month, it has been a major multicultural experience.

  5. I think of it like the sci fi cliché, thirty minutes from base with twenty minutes of air. Sure, you feel fine now…

  6. Would be interesting to know how many are European vs rest-of-the-world. In my social circle there are quite a few UK-EU couples (Czech, Latvian, Portuguese, Spanish, French; and that’s just off the top of my head).

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Aren’t we already seeing the ‘benefits’ daily? Stabbings are a regular occurrence in London, now we have acid attacks, assaults on paramedics, the antics of the GrenfellTower Tower mob, etc,etc.”

    It struck me as I listened to the report on the Kensington council meeting that I live in a different country. But then I thought that when I was growing up in Yorkshire in the early ’60s London was treated as a foreign country, so perhaps nothing’s changed.

  8. Tim if you substituted “being fucking ruined” for “changing” you would have a much more accurate summation of the situation.

  9. The two child rule on new tax credit began in April 2017. It will be interesting if the adage ‘incentives matter’ applies and the proportion of births to foreign mothers starts to come down when next years numbers are published.

  10. Bongo–still don’t know if it is per couple or per male. Per couple will have little effect on those who can have up to four women in tow.
    I tried to look it up on the Net but vanished into a maze of official bullshit. If anyone else knows the answer please post it.

  11. Where will all the productive whites flee to when the traditionally white nations of the earth are turned into ethnic shitholes? I doubt that many people want to live in a place that is overrun with 3rd world people and the wonderful culture they bring with them.

  12. Where will all the productive whites flee to when the traditionally white nations of the earth are turned into ethnic shitholes?

    Hungary. Or Australia.

    My personal experience: I grew up near Blackburn. Until I left in 1970, I hadn’t seen a single black or brown face. Today the population is 30% Asian, which (of course) means 99% in the centre and still mostly white in the rural areas. Exactly the same could be written about Bradford or Burnley (just to take towns beginning with ‘B’).

    You may wish to argue that this has delivered a new and vibrant culture (or not), but it’s not one that a single person in 1970 Blackburn would have wished for.

  13. I looked it up for a few other locations.

    London 66% (but includes fathers born abroad)
    US 23% (stable)
    FR 22% (rising)
    AU 18% (but is for both parents from same foreign country)

    I thought the UK’s 28% was shocking (I still do), but I also thought it was an outlier. I’m not as sure now comparing to these other numbers. I’m most surprised by Australia being so high, particularly as the directly comparable number must be higher than 18%.


  14. Spent a good part of my life in South London surrounded by Nigerians, Somalis, French-speaking Angolans, Chinese, Russian, American, Italian, French and Irish… I grew to accept this as perfectly normal and was comfortable in the environment. When I initially moved to the South West and went to a local superstore I discovered everyone in the neighbourhood was white, tattooed and trailed by a pack of grubby urchins – it was an unnerving experience. More than a decade on I’ve adjusted to living in a monoculture and have come to view London as an alien state. So I dare say I’ll readjust to whatever’s waiting for me a decade from now. Forty years ago I was living in Texas, a sea of white with a scattering of Latinos. Nowadays there isn’t a high school in the state that has a single majority-white class.

  15. Chris Miller,

    > Today the population [of the B towns] is 30% Asian

    Overall, perhaps; but if you’re thinking of sending your kids to school there, know that the schools are closer to 95% Asian.

    Bernie G.,

    Texas has plenty of white enclaves. Highland Park, most famously (the setting for Dallas; Wikipedia tells me it’s 94% white).

  16. Where will the whites go? Well, there’s a reason brown people live in hot countries and it isn’t just the sunshine. Living successfully in cold places requires serious planning. If the horde get rid of, for example, the Swedes that are feeding them and keeping them warm then they will do what what exactly? Herd raindeer? I can’t see how they could ever hold onto the northerly states.

  17. BTW, I know a couple of expats who live in Riyadh, have kids in the British international school there. Most of the parents are Pakistanis who often talk about which British city is best to relocate to in terms of Muslim facilities and a Muslim way of life. My friend wanted to suggest they move to Islamabad.

  18. Sorry, I meant lads from the Congo, though we weren’t short of Portuguese-speaking residents either. And another Freudian slip…Texas’s non-white majority classes was supposed to read non-Anglo.

  19. Benjamin Franklin wrote over 200 years ago:

    “With equal pleasure I have as often taken notice that Providence has been pleased to give this one connected country to one united people–a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs, and who, by their joint counsels, arms, and efforts, fighting side by side throughout a long and bloody war, have nobly established general liberty and independence.”

    Change the people, change the country.

  20. My first and still most profound exposure to multiculturalism was when I enlisted in the Boys Army at age 16. I was suddenly thrown into the mixing pot with short red-headed lads from the valleys that had rugby balls surgically attached to their hands, to kids from Hitchin, Hull, Newcastle, Norwich, Leeds, Manchester, Swindon, Leicester… We were all white but not as I knew it.

  21. TimN,

    Australia is a big country. Sydney and Melbourne have big problems with RoP adherents, especially with gang crimes, but most regional areas have no such problems.

  22. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Russia will hold out, if for no other reason than the weather.”

    I taught at the Zimbabwe School of Signals straight after independence as part of the British Army Training Team that was supposed to be helping with integration.

    In my class I had 4 former Freedom fighters who’d been trained in Russia. They hated it and claimed they were often spat at and had monkey chants directed at the, in an unguarded moment one of them admitted that Russians were worse racists the Zimbabwe whites.

    In the class was a whit who’d been I. The Rhodesian Light Infantry. He wasn’t ver academic but tried hard. It turned out that he had been in a firefight with one of the former freedom fighters who happened to be very bright. They béchamel great friends with the freedom fighter helping the white guy.

    Bernie G,

    I also joined as a 15 year-old, in ’72, and had a similar experience. IIRC there was only one non-white in the 700 strong college at Harrogate.

  23. BinND

    We had one non-white in the unit. He resembled Frank Bruno’s big brother and was extremely popular. His nickname, inevitably, was Chalkie.

  24. Bloke in Costa Rica

    PF: The ideal outcome in that case would have been for the “enforcement officers” to disappear and for everyone to swear they never saw them. Maybe a jawbone or a few vertebrae turn up 90 years later when they’re building some new houses.

  25. At the very least, name and shame the cunts, the cunts’ boss, and the council they work for.

  26. PF,

    it wasn’t a five year old girl running an unlicensed lemonade stall, look at the ticket.

    Some bloke is running an unlicensed stall and when he gets nicked he claims the five year old did it.

  27. Bob Rocket

    “Some bloke is running an unlicensed stall and when he gets nicked he claims the five year old did it.”

    Ah, so his story is completely made up..;) It’s certainly possible!

    Or perhaps he’s ensuring that his daughter is safe, and as a present “guardian”, he is deemed responsible by the idiot jobsworths? Which might not change the story one jot?

    Interesting of course, in the current day and age, what happens if he is not keeping an eye on her. A relatively small chance of abscondment, a higher chance perhaps of some scally nicking her cash box, or more likely the same useless jobsworths calling social services?

    Hey, we shouldn’t complain; it’s progress, isn’t it?

    BiW – yes, given he has a newspaper column? Although he we do know (from the ticket) that it’s the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets…

  28. @Mr Ecks, the two child rule on new claims for child tax credits or additions to claims for child tax credits is ‘per claim’.
    Exceptions apply to multiple births that take you over the 2 child limit, and children conceived due to rape. There’s an interesting ethical question regarding the parents of the late Bradley Lowery who had 3 children, but now have two. Or any other parents of 3 children who now have two. If they decide to make a 3rd child to replace the gap in their family, should an exception be made for them?

  29. Thanks Bongo.

    “Per claim” could be either case if 4 couples exist in one household with the same male in each. Thus possible benefits for up to 8 kids. It should make the male be the claimant and specify two kids –whether his or brought to the relationship–only. Thus just two kids per household unless they are supporting themselves.

  30. ‘Aren’t we already seeing the ‘benefits’ daily? Stabbings are a regular occurrence in London, now we have acid attacks, assaults on paramedics, the antics of the GrenfellTower Tower mob, etc,etc.’

    JuliaM: its the demographics. In short order we are finished here as a people, barring some massive political change that is very unlikely to happen. The question for the survivors will be where to run to?

    I get frustrated with commentators like Tim Worstall who occasionally highlight this issue but play it down for some reason. Really it is the most important issue facing the current inhabitants of the UK today, because it has an immediate bearing on the existence of their descendants. And those descendants are the very aim of life.

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