Oh, well done Polly!

Project Fear is made flesh as our economy sinks, while the EU’s charges ahead.

Eurozone growth is running about 1.7% this year. UK growth is expected to be about 1.7% this year (NIESR estimate, they’re normally quite gloomy).


11 thoughts on “Oh, well done Polly!”

  1. Just brazen lying from the old cow.

    Although Project Fear never stopped and the MSM scum are still hard at it.

    From those who warn of fake news.

  2. We shiuldn’t be surprised by anything from this woman, she blamed all Leave voters for murdering Jo Cox. However, even by her standards this is a vicious, bile-filled rant.

  3. “cast your eyes occasionally at how Murdoch, the Mail and the Telegraph still ply their venom.” said with no sense of irony by the venomous Polly Toynbee.

  4. She refers to “rising inflation” on the day when it’s announced that the inflation rate has fallen from 2.9% in May to 2.6% in June….

  5. Slightly on topic but EUReferendum has finally gone batshit mad today and has reached peak screeching about the doom that will ensue on March 29 2019 because we didn’t do exactly what Dr Richard North says we should do. Sometimes I wonder if he wishes the referendum had been lost, so he could continue to rail and inveigle against the EU, without having to make a messy compromise with the reality of how we will leave the EU.

  6. @ Tony

    Something tells me it will not be anywhere near as bad as his fears (and the FT – this week their screeching hit fever pitch too – must be something in the water).

    However I don’t think it will be all rainbows and sunshine unicorns either; and some of his points do have merit. That said, to my mind he seems singularly trapped looking at the current legal framework and ignores the fact that this transition will be a political settlement and therefore the legal framework will be whatever both sides agree it to be.

    In the words of Senator Palpatine: “I will make it legal.”

  7. Good news! Polly is in Tuscany and has finally paid her gardener. And she’s been out to lunch and dinner.
    Therefore the Italian economy must be going great guns.

  8. @Tony Querfotze, July 18, 2017 at 10:29 am
    “batshit mad” is an understatement

    North cites Prof Tim Lang – Ritchie’s colleague – as evidence of his phrophesy:

    …Early on, some months before exit day, food exporters – whether selling processed goods or primary produce – will need advance warning. They should be told that, from exit day until further notice, no exports to EU member states will be possible. They must be instructed to keep their vehicles away from the ports.

    To enforce this, on the day, there will need to be road blocks in place well outside the ports. All commercial vehicles carrying food, live animals, or products of animal origin, must be kept away from the ports and the routes into them…

    He’ll be writing for the Groan soon.

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