Phew, eh, just phew?

Two lovely tries but that was won by no Sonny Boy.

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  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    Just seen the red card incident on YouTube, hell be lucky to get only a one match ban.

  2. Have to say though I am thrilled.

    I’d been hate watching this summer. Expecting 3-0 in the tests and a less than 50% win rate over the whole tour.

    So glad to be wrong

  3. You can take the (Sonny) boy out of rugby league, but you can’t take the rugby league out of the boy.

  4. Fucking disgraceful. He lost the match for them. Hope he gets flamed in the dressing room.

  5. The Lions made it very hard for themselves with their poor discipline, they were lucky that Barrett missed three kickable penalties.

    I felt really sorry for Jerome Kaino, I bet Sonny Boy is off his Christmas card list.

  6. Last weekend’s FT Magazine had a big (4-page) article on the All Blacks which goes on about sportmanship and their “no dickheads” policy.
    Quote: “”I know people who have been taken of the All Blacks’ list, even if they are the best players, when their attitude wasn’t right” says Neil Sorensen, general manager of New Zealand Rugby”
    That could finish his international Rugby Union career – but thank heavens he used his shoulder rather than his fist.
    He’s nearly ten years younger than Vladimir Klitschko, so maybe he could go back to boxing

  7. Watson’s skullneck won the game but shame his or Daly’s legs didn’t get a sniff. Sexton’s loop arounds and Farrell’s boots were good. Lions scrums and line outs and penalty count poor.

  8. But…All Blacks congratulated by Corbyn on getting 3 points less than Lions but still winning!

  9. Watching in real time he was only milliseconds after the first tackle.
    Yellow? Red? GBH? Manslaugter? Could be anything, fortunately wasn’t the last.
    I’m glad I’m not a ref or a citing commissioner or a jury.
    Pretty crap game all through. Whistles won it.

  10. @bif You’re not easily pleased.Spoke to a former Test prop after the game and he thought it was one of the best matches he had ever seen.

  11. If Williams hadn’t been sent off he would be back on the teamsheet next week: Umaga and Meleamu suffered no career damage after their (obviously premeditated) assault on Brian O’Driscoll.

    There’s much about the All Blacks to admire, and much to dislike (personally, I feel the haka got old quite some time ago); but when I hear them going on about how modest they are, I want to puke.

  12. I didn`t actually think it was that bad a foul but he had to go , I think SBW was looking to explode the ball into play at the breakdown and got it wrong.
    it was a thriller and a good lesson on how we might get oin without Scotland in general 🙂

  13. These sorts of hits were commonplace among Pacific players a few years ago. It was laughably considered “part of their game”. Fortunately the IRB have finally seen sense, and was pleased the French ref didn’t shit out of the decision, even though the (presumably) Australian video ref kept saying “are you sure?”.

  14. personally, I feel the haka got old quite some time ago

    The best way that you can respect the Haka is to go out and buy some Adiddas branded All Black rugby merchandise. Yis.

  15. Sebastian Weetabix

    Strange how whenever the ref actually applies the letter of the laws the ABs struggle to win.

    They are permanently offside, they almost invariably pass forwards out of contact and their scrum is a cheating disgrace.

  16. Was a bit of a scrappy game in the wet but makes the series more interesting.

    SBW deserved the red card (and subsequent 4 week ban) for that tackle – no attempt to use his arms and the shoulder connected with the head (albeit that Watson was falling into it). Even under Southern Hemisphere referring it would have been red and SH refs tend to be more lenient (this was one of my worries for the series – French refs referring to NH rules would take some time to adapt to).

    I really felt for Kaino though – it was the right decision to take him off given the circumstances but not nice for him.

    Re the Haka – there does seem to be a massive misunderstanding on its symbolism in the NH. Pretty much every school in New Zealand has its own haka; and most school games will start with a haka from both teams. My son faced his first haka last year as an 8 year old and he loved it. The haka isn’t a rugby thing; it is a welcome and a challenge – used in sports and general society (the school my wife teaches at had a massive, whole of school haka when farewelling the old headmaster, and the sixth form did one for the new headmaster).

    And, even if the ball goes forward, the pass isn’t forward if the hands are moving backwards when the ball is released … like the fact that the tackler can’t be offside this appears to be an aspect of the rules that the UK is unaware of!

    Anyway, all in all, it was the right result over the weekend. The Lions deserved to win.

    And I definitely made the right decision getting tickets to Saturday’s game; going to be an absolute blinder with all to play for and an All Black’s team that has a habit of proving a point in the game after they come back from a defeat!

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