Politicians with dodgy tax records should be fired.

The more often this happens the better. The curse of abuse of the world’s tax systems that threatens an epidemic of corruption and scandal as well as untold loss of revenues has to be ended wherever it occurs.

Spoken to Dame Margaret, Lady Hodge, about Liechtenstein lately professor?

8 thoughts on “Politicians with dodgy tax records should be fired.”

  1. I see both Murphy and Hodge have been “ennobled” as honorary fellows of the Association of International Accountants (I’d never heard of it).

    I imagine it’s a poor substitute for ermine, but hey, every initial in one’s title helps!

  2. He did, NN, but he used the time honoured Labour excuse, I’m not crooked, I’m just thick.

    Of course, we all know they’re both.

  3. Yes, BF and became the first person in the history of the world to be honorarily elected to an organisation and then .001 of a second later to falsify one of its press releases.

  4. Slattibartfast

    Actually he had his own personalised press release issued just to him. He said so.

  5. According to AIA

    ‘Our accountancy qualifications are suitable for school leavers (A Level) and graduates who are looking for a strong grounding in accounting and finance, or to become a professionally qualified accountant. It is also ideal for Accounting Technicians and Bookkeepers who are looking for the next step up. Alternatively you may already be working in the accountancy profession but do not have a professional qualification.’

    So sounds about right for Murphy

  6. “Corbyn missed a couple of pensions off his tax return, didn’t he….?”

    I think in the end it was shown he hadn’t missed anything off, more that he had put his Leader of the Opposition supplement in under the heading of pensions for some reason, thus leading people to conclude he’d missed off his Leader’s salary.

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