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Where the streets have no statues: why do the Irish hate U2?

Another question in The Guardian we can answer.

To be fair, they’ve done some blindingly good music and definitely possess talent. But there’s an element of the ego has landed in there too.

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  1. I disagree on the ‘blindingly good’ stuff: I’ve never seen the appeal. One reverb pedal doth not a great band make:

  2. If another country produced the biggest guitar band in the world – let alone one with a population of just 4.8 million – you’d expect airports to be named after them.

    I’m pretty sure both the US and the UK have produced exactly that at one time or the other. And I’m pretty sure neither of us have airports named after any of them.

    And, contrary to the article, its not their tax arrangements either. Most people didn’t even know what they were.

    If there’s a reason behind the Irish hate, its probably because, outside of leprechauns, Guinness, and bombs, U2 is the only thing foreigners know about Ireland.

  3. “there’s an element of the ego has landed in there”

    Element? More like the entire periodic table.

  4. Most of my mates in Dublin don’t dislike U2, just Bono, mainly for being a sanctimonious pr*ck. Avoiding paying tax in Ireland while exhorting the Irish government not to cut their aid budget during the recent financial crisis, didn’t help much.

    That being said, we are all off to Croker next Saturday to watch them in action.

  5. Most everyone who left his home town and returned a success some years later is liable to be crapped on by a proportion of the residents.

  6. I think Viz comic summed up Bono best in the tagline of a couple of mocking strips – “The Adventures Of Bono: The Little Twat With The Big Heart”

  7. I had the pleasure of working with the UK organisation for a couple of days about 15 years ago. The band members, all of them, were a pleasure to meet and the senior people in their arganisation were fantastic to know. You should take as you find and I have nothing but good memories of them.

  8. @Andrew M

    I cannot abide Radiohead (Noel Gallagher called them right, years ago), but more power to their elbow on this one.

    Being of a certain age, I like artists that push against concensus, and Yorke telling this mob of conformist sheep (who are simply following a core belief of the left that the Jews and Israel are baaaad) to go do one is appreciably more punk rock than any actual music they’ve produced.

  9. I’m assuming that last one’s going to get through the swearing filter

    There’s a swearing filter on here? Who knew?

  10. The Inimitable Steve

    a gang of publicity-hungry artists is haranguing Radiohead for having the temerity to play a gig in Israel.


    Can’t say Radiohead don’t deserve it. Their right-on schtick was tiresome even in the 90’s.

    That said, I like a lot of their tracks, and Thom Yorke will always be the reigning champion at “I Spy”.

  11. Never got Radiohead, and their fanbase does seem to have a huge crossover with Corbyn fanatics for some reason (possibly the reason I don’t get them…) but fair play to them – they don’t seem particularly concerned about what anyone else thinks and just do what they want, which is what you want bands to do (well actually you want them to release that really good song again and again, but it’s not good for you or the band if they do that…).

    Do you U2 still produce music? I’m of an age where there great period soundtracked me growing up, but now I’m grown up (ha!) I only seem to be aware of them as a greatest hits act (another thing there is no problem with – they might as well get the rent from their labours).

  12. There was a lot of Joshua Tree hysteria when I was a lad but I was never a fan. Plenty of good U2 tracks but I couldn’t listen to an album (not that I do that often these days).

    Bono is eminently mockable and rather an arse, but he’s not evil or anything.

    I am a big Radiohead fan but not exactly politically aligned…. Nonetheless Thom Yorke is very much in the right v Israel and I’m glad they’re not backing down.

    Ken Loach is a nasty commie cock end.

  13. The Inimitable Steve

    Speaking of artistic cock ends, Morrissey’s vegan rants are quite nobbish.

    However, I unashamedly love Steven Patrick Morrissey, and consider his histrionic political flounces – he recently released a Smiths record with TRUMP WILL KILL AMERICA etched into the vinyl – to be an inseperable part of his quintessential Morrisseyness.

    I suspect David Cameron, on being informed by His Moz that he was not allowed to like the Smiths, was actually secretly chuffed by the shout-out.

    It’s like being insulted by Jerry Lewis or called a thick.racist.prick by Ironman.

  14. Apparently, at a free concert in Hyde Park (AFAICR) Bono started lecturing the crowd about infant mortality in the Third World. He began to clap his hands in a regular way, once every two seconds. “Every time I clap my hands,” he declared, “a child in Africa dies.”

    Someone in the crowd shouted, “Well stop doing it, then!”

  15. “Blinding good music”? Seriously?

    They couldn’t hold a candle to Stiff Little Fingers on the best day of their lives.

    The most over-rated ‘serious’ rock band since The Clash.

  16. Speaking of artistic cock ends, Morrissey’s vegan rants are quite nobbish.

    I once heard a DJ say that Morrissey was the “thinking man’s Barry Manilow” and immediately wondered what the guy had against Barry Manilow.

  17. @DtP

    “The most over-rated ‘serious’ rock band since The Clash.”

    Amen to that, brother!

  18. “They couldn’t hold a candle to Stiff Little Fingers on the best day of their lives.”

    U2 must be bad then. Because SLF were terrible.

  19. who are simply following a core belief of the left that the Jews and Israel are baaaad

    My personal observation is that both left and right have similar ratios of people with that core belief. Anti-[semitism doesn’t really fit as we have Jew vs Arab] does not seem to have an economic policy bias. Granted, this is based primarily on Americans. Are things different across the pond?

  20. The Inimitable Steve

    LY – Labour increasingly doesn’t like them, because Moslems are a key client group of the Left, so screeching about “Islamophobia!” has merged with the traditional bonkers lefty “Free Palestine!” and “Eat the Bankers!” messages.

    Which is pretty LOL, because many prominent Jews (the Board of Deputies, Simon Schama, the Millibands) are lefties and/or take a keen interest in enriching us with Third World hordes.

  21. The Meissen Bison

    How is it possible that this thread has attracted so many comments and yet nobody has thought to mention Bono’s matching book-end, the saintly Bob Geldof?

    The only kind thing to say about Geldof is that his musical output appears to be mercifully modest. He doesn’t like Mondays and I dare say the feeling’s mutual.

  22. “Street Sparrow
    July 13, 2017 at 7:49 am


    Isn’t there a John Lennon airport in Liverpool?”

    well, I stand corrected.

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