Seems appropriate really

Grotty student accommodation, mold, no ventilation etc etc:

A group of students are preparing to take legal action against a top university after alleging they became unwell by living in mouldy and mice-infested accommodation.

Postgraduates at the London School of Economics claim widespread black mould, rodent infestations and periods without ventilation at Sidney Webb House, a block of halls near Borough Market, resulted in a “health crises, distraction and distress”.

Yes, named after someone who would have all the proles living in “provided” accommodation.

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  1. “black mould … and periods without ventilation”

    The two normally go together, and most commonly are a result of the occupant not opening the windows while cooking, showering, or breathing.

  2. However are these snowflakes going to manage when they have their own property? In fact, given their apparent total cluelessness should they (a) be allowed into the housing market at all? (b) be allowed to breed? As touched upon by others, 1. buy a mould remover, 2. open a window and 3. purchase a cat.

  3. Kevin Lohse, when No.1 son was in halls a Manchester Uni he was the only one in his block that seemed to understand the concept of washing up after a meal. I couldn’t work out whether the other children (for that is what they are) had never been made to do chores at home or were just inherently lazy little shits.

    Heaven forfend the wee darlings should have to take responsibility for themselves and their own accommodation.

  4. One underlying issue here is that Universities self-regulate their accommodation.

    The horror stories I have heard…

  5. Entire blocks of en-suite rooms had non-functional ventilation systems for 10 months …. the window could hardly be opened because of security measures

    Mould will develop in those conditions. The students are only at fault if they didn’t notify the landlord as soon as the ventilation stopped working.

    It’s hardly unreasonable to expect a landlord to provide sufficient ventilation, either through windows which open properly or working ventilation. In this instance the landlord failed on both counts.

    It’s also a terrible advertisement for the LSE itself. Overseas students account for a large chunk of their revenue.

  6. The window could hardly be opened because of….
    But it only needed to be opened a bit.

    Why are postgrads still in student digs?

    LSE should hire a troop of lollipop ladies to help them cross the road.

  7. Periods without ventilation?

    Suggest that said ladies consider hat undergarments are appropriate at this time of the month before they moan about the price of tampons …

  8. Ah, Sidney Webb. Middle-class socialist, keen eugenicist, propagandist for Stalin and a man whose work was secured when he married an heiress and bagged himself a hereditary peerage.

  9. “The windows could HARDLY be opened” implies that they could be opened and the student was too stupid or lazy to do so. I might guess stupid – drying your clothes in the room guaranteed to have a higher humidity than the rest of your flat …

    Not a problem I ever faced – being an overprivileged undergraduate I spent my second year in a thousand-year-old building (refurbished a couple of times in the intervening millennium) and had to cross at least one quadrangle to get to a loo and two to get to a bath or a washing machine.

  10. Bloke in Costa Rica

    When I was in rented accommodation as a student in London in 1991, we got a rocket from the landlord because we disabled the extractor fan in the bathroom (it would run for five minutes after anyone turned the light on, which was extremely aggravating*). He insisted on regular inspections to check for damp etc., because it was his property and he wanted it to last.

    * we were physicists and engineers so we should have wired in a timeswitch and hid it in the ceiling, but we were also idle toads

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    ” 3. purchase a cat.”

    You don’t even need to do that. My son and his girlfriend foster cats for a local cat charity. The charity will even provide the food. All you’re expected to do is help market the cat on faceache or similar. They’re currently fostering a mother and 6 kittens, which is making the very popular with their friends and Mrs BiND.


    Some of those types of fans can be wired to bypass the timer.

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