Here’s the rub. Zuckerberg has no right to pronounce on what the welfare state should look like while Facebook takes aggressive measures to minimise its tax burden. Here in the UK, Facebook paid just £4,327 in corporation tax in 2014, despite paying its UK staff bonuses of £35m.

It’s not despite you silly cow, it’s because.

Further, the income tax take from bonuses paid is higher or lower than the corporation tax take from profits retained?

Jeebus, the nonsense that people can make themselves believe.

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  1. Zuckerberg gave his company the wrong name.

    Instead of Facebook Inc, which is patently EVIL, had he called it the Facebook Workers Collective, then everyone would know it was obviously GOOD.

  2. Facebook will have paid just shy of £5m in NI alone on the bonuses, the staff another £700k, and the income tax, assuming that the average Income Tax is 40% is £14m gives a total of just shy of £20m. Corp tax would have been £7m.

  3. In other news the BBC avoided paying any corporation tax on its £5bn income by the ‘fully legal’ method of using it to pay its staff’s salaries and for the cost of producing programmes.

    End this neo-liberal tax avoidance scandal now!!!!

  4. Fucking hell. The hypocrisy of these cunts is literally staggering. How much corporation tax does the Guardian pay? Does the answer to this ever give its writers pause as they dictate to everyone else how much tax should be raised and how it should be spent?

  5. Journalists are deeply stupid people, it’s just that their overpowering self-regard fools normal people into thinking they are cleverer than they actually are.

  6. Tim, there are those who pull themselves up by their own bootlaces. Tout their wares around them that’s willing to pay for what’s on offer. If what you don’t produce is of value, then you starve.
    Then there’s the twats that belong to the fake news media and the BBC ( but I repeat myself). Who stumbled into it because of nepotism and wouldn’t know true journalism if it bit them on the arse.
    We know the difference.

  7. I don’t think they’re stupid – I think they are the inevitable products of an education system which is designed to undo all the progress made in the west in the last two hundred years, and render young people incapable of critical thought. When you add in that they live in reasonable comfort in one of the world’s greatest cities, are rewarded for thinking and saying what they think and say, and surrounded by people like them, it’s not surprising. Oh to see them lobbed out of work and made to live in Sunderland, and make their own way.

  8. Soapy Jo is one of these people. During one of those manufactured tax “scandals” when it was pointed out that paying staff bonuses resulted in a higher tax take than corporation tax he made the idiotic reply that paying higher tax was no excuse for not obeying other responsibilities such as paying the right amount of corporation tax.

  9. The Meissen Bison

    I think there’s a distinction to be made between political activists and news journalists and life is not so rosey for the latter in part because the BBC has distorted the market for news to such an extent that people expect news to be ‘free’.

    The guardian and its staff are not representative of the news business as much as, say the Press Association which aims to have an unvarnished news output and makes a better job of it than the BBC.

  10. The Guardian is clearly owned by some deep-dyed fascist/reactionary who has set out to persuade us that all women are dim and unpleasant by hiring a sequence of stupid and malevolent women to write tripe for it.

    I think this chap should be identified and made to pay tax.

  11. The Inimitable Steve

    Rob – Nail/head interface.

    I love a bit of lefty-on-lefty action.

    Little wonder rumours are flying that he fancies himself for an imminent White House run.

    Yarp. Dunno if you guys have seen it, but Zuck’s “I’m not running for President, just travelling the country being photographed patronising the poors” tour is pretty hilarious.

    Put aside for a moment the chilling thought that if the chief of the world’s most ubiquitous media platform chose to run to be leader of the free world, his command of Facebook’s unrivalled ability to profile, segment and target voters might make him all but unbeatable.

    Make America An Autistic Jewish Dweeb Again.

    Srsly, I’d put money on President Woody Allen before betting on Zuck. Who’s going to vote for him?

    To the SJWs and diversity hustlers, he’s a FUCKING WHITE MALE. He can’t pretend to be broke like Hillary did, and the Silicon Valley globalist tech cult – with its turtleneck sweaters and goony inventions like Soylent and Juicero and insatiable demand for Asian serf-coders – isn’t all that popular outside the rich parts of California.

    I suppose “vote for me, and I will replace your weak and corruptible flesh with chrome and steel!” might work in certain demographics, but it’s probably not going to win over the soccer moms.

  12. @abacab

    “So the left are now against the distribution of excess profits to Teh Workaz.”

    If you make decent money and not because of a union, you are by definition not a worker.

  13. Good names – it’s because it pays the workers ludicrously well that it pays less CT, wages coming pre profit and CT being on profit.

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