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Shock horror, eh, shock horror

The most expensive parking was found at Luton airport, where a two-week stay in their standard on-site car park came in at £191, the online investigation by Admiral insurance revealed.
Exeter was the cheapest, where an equivalent space cost just £65 for the same amount of time.

Parking near one of the great global urban centres is more expensive than doing so in rural Devon.

Quite astonishing.

12 thoughts on “Shock horror, eh, shock horror”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    Once again a complete lack of understanding of economics is shown in the press.

    People want cheap flights and that requires cheap landing slots and low service charges for the plane e.g. Baggage handling.

    They also want nice waiting areas and efficient check in systems.

    The latter has to be paid for somehow it that leaves high rents for shops and car parking spaces.

    You can’t even drop off without being charged at Bournemouth airport.

  2. A feature of the modern world – people aren’t merely happy to have every convenience, but they demand it for free too, or close enough.

    If you don’t like it, use an alternative

  3. I’ve parked many times on luton airport and I’ve never paid that much.
    There are always deals and discount codes.
    I also take the keys with me .

  4. I think I see the London thing. It’s the size of the airport and parking capacity. It’s like an LVT thing. Whether you’re talking Exeter or Luton, only a limited number of people can park 5 minutes walk from the terminal.

    Exeter is small enough that that covers almost everyone, so the charge for being 5 minutes away is a lot lower. Luton is a lot bigger so there’s much more demand for being 5 minutes from the terminal, so price gets used as a way to ration those spaces.

    You can park cheaper at Luton. Sometimes it’s cheaper to find a hotel near these places that has a shuttle bus and throws in 2 weeks parking for 1 night stay.

  5. Ah Luton. Where the seagulls fly upside down because there’s nothing worth shitting on.

    It hardly seems close enough to London for land prices to be affected.

  6. Yes, I’ve rarely heard of Luton being a “great urban centre” 🙂

    It’s a remarkable place: somewhere I have checked into but never flown from, since fog forced me to fly from Gatwick instead…

  7. Interesting, though, that on-airport parking is dearer at Luton than at other London airports. Are the owners trying to recoup some of the cost of improving what was always a rather poor airport (and probably still is)?

  8. It’s even worse in Japan. In rural Japan parking at many airports is free. Long term parking at Haneda airport in Tokyo is Y1500 (~12 quid) a day for the most basic service

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