While Vince and the Vegan Society welcome the new wave of plant-powered sports stars, others are less happy because many are giving up meat for personal performance benefits, not because they are in tune with the vegan lifestyle and compassion for animals.

They usual nonsense about intentions mattering, not actions. But, but, my intentions when shooting the kulaks were excellent…..

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  1. A few kulaks may have been shot, but the vast majority were left to starve to death. Socialist central planning at its most effective, and copied in Zimbabwe and Venezuela.

  2. Maritime Barbarian

    So veganism has become a religion. With its true believers and their doctrinal insistence on purity of belief. Anyone who has listened to Christian fundamentalists condemning the “professing” Christian for not being truly committed to the Lord will recognise the mind-set.

  3. “Some of the world’s leading footballers, including Barcelona’s Lionel Messi and Manchester City’s Sergio Agüero, do not eat meat during the playing season…”

    ‘What happens outside the training ground, stays outside the training ground.’

  4. Odd, it appears that I will forever associate the words “Vince” and “vegan” with the following exchange;

    “You do know what a vegan is, don’t you Vince?”

    “Of course I do, I’ve never missed an episode of Star Trek.”

  5. “We call those people ‘plant-based’ as they do not embrace a full vegan lifestyle, they just eat plants.”

    I ‘just eat plants’ too. I prefer my plants processed though. By cows & deer.

  6. The profound reason to value actions over intentions is that we can recognise actions unambiguously. No one can be sure what someone’s intentions are. Even the bloke himself might not know.

  7. Professional Sport has a large measure of woo and fad based approaches. One example is the go faster stripes some sports people tape to their skin. Everynow and then something will be effective and then everyone will do it permanently as standard. This scattering of names doesn’t really convince. I once followed a vegan blogger training for a marathon runner, mainly i have to say in anticipation of the fail. Actually she did quite well and i had my mind turned that yeah ok, it can be done. But then started getting very weird, she became convinced by alkaline woo. Then she got pregnant and it was excruciating reading.

  8. The whole Vegan/environmental thing has been a religion for ages. You have to be a full on progressive lefty to be part of the cause. I have a proper right wing vegan mate who was kicked out of sea shepherd. His commitment to animal welfare and marine conservation was never questioned but because he disagreed with some feminist protest they booted him. Apparently because he is a white male he wasn’t allowed an opinion (they actually said that). Hypocrites.

  9. It’s alwaya about intentions and ‘goodthinking’ with the Left. the prime examples being Lefties wanting to ban private education while sending their kids to private schools.

  10. Apparently because he is a white male he wasn’t allowed an opinion (they actually said that). Hypocrites.

    I’d go with genuine mental illness rather than mere hypocrisy. A lot of these people really are fucking bonkers, weird control freaks who just cannot stand the idea that other people have opinions contrary to their own.

  11. JuliaM,

    “I ‘just eat plants’ too. I prefer my plants processed though. By cows & deer.”


  12. Hallowed Be,

    Veganism probably does work better for elite sportspeople. Hard to get hold of protein, but then, there’s ways to buy supplements that are nothing but protein. These people have people monitoring every part of their bodily health and to a large extent, veganism gives you more control.

    But this is one of my problems with sports today. To win, you have to be these sorts of joyless obsessives.

  13. Intentions not actions… All of the things I’ve done/achieved are invalidated because someone paid me to do them.

  14. BiSw

    “there’s ways to buy supplements that are nothing but protein”

    But are the supplements vegan? I’m pretty sure you’ve nailed it that the point, even mid-season, isn’t any supposed benefit from veganism itself, but rather to allow fine-tuning of all nutritional intake, whereas a Sunday roast would be unacceptably unquantifiable.

  15. It’s easy enough for a sportsman to get enough protein without meat (or even pursuing the full vegan if determined).

    For sportsmen though, isn’t this a little more about the carbohydrate / fat balance? Except for very long endurance events, you generally want to be burning more efficient carbohydrate derived energy rather than fat energy (glycogen in the muscles and all that)?

    Plus what Julia said, and especially lovely little lambs that have rollicked around on Welsh hill sides.

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