So, my plan works then

Incomes increased over the past financial year as wages rose more quickly than pay, aided by the rising income tax threshold.

The average household’s disposable income – after tax, benefits and inflation – rose by 1.8pc to £27,200 for the financial year 2016-17, the Office for National Statistics said.

Given that it really was me (although, agreed, not me alone) with that raise the damn tax allowance argument I guess my plot to make the Brits better off worked then, eh?

12 thoughts on “So, my plan works then”

  1. Don’t worry class warriors! House prices and rents will rise to nullify any wage increases in real terms.

  2. Once we’re out of the EU the govt should require bills, price lists and so on to show separately the VAT + duty + whatnot payable on each item. Perhaps it might be in the form “A;B” with A the untaxed price and B the price with all the taxes included. Or maybe “B;C” with C being the tax component.

    A future govt could reverse such a law but only if it were prepared for the odium involved.

  3. Well done, Tim. The poorer enjoying paying tax at a lower rate than the richer, and still getting the benefits. When they vote Corbyn in perhaps you’ll be made Duke of Moral Hazard.

  4. @DBC Reed

    I don’t pay rent. I have just got a good 10 yr fixed rate mortgage.

    House price rises are a good thing for me.

    So things are good for me.


  5. Thanks Tim. Two years ago I went through a bad patch work-wise, had 5 months unpaid, and ended up not being that much worse off. I guess HMRC also owe you some thanks as anyone who has under-declared earnings in the 6k-10k range by a couple of grand simply isn’t worth investigating.
    We just need to bring the price of housing and rents down so fewer people need to be investigated for declaring the wrong income on housing benefit and universal credit claims that include rent.
    I think you have a suggestion on that involving a bomb and an Act of Parliament.

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