That’s rather your problem, not ours, matey

Survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire have challenged the retired judge heading the inquiry into the disaster at an impassioned meeting.

Residents met with Sir Martin Moore-Bick, who is heading the panel, on Monday evening in a consultation designed to let them air their views on what they want the investigation to examine.

But the crowd made it clear they have little confidence in the inquiry. One local resident drew applause and cheers as she said: “You do not have our confidence, you do not represent us and you do not look like any of us.”

This is England. That’s rather what the population of England, the English, look like.

39 thoughts on “That’s rather your problem, not ours, matey”

  1. I for one, am mystified why they chose a white man to do this job.

    Granted, he’s got donkeys years of experience forensically examining contentious and morally difficult issues, sifting through mounds of evidence to discern the salient facts, before coming to a weighted judgement.

    But he’s educated and white and male.

    They should have at least picked Benjamin zephaniah, who could emote properly, before declaring anyone who is of colour and lived within a ten mile radius or who saw the fire on telly should b given someone else’s penthouse flat or mansion and a million squid.

  2. “This is England. That’s rather what the population of England, the English, look like.”
    That is what the English looked like but not for much longer.

  3. It’s at this point that I must remind readers that ethnics are not capable of racism, so don’t hold your breath hoping to read an article in the Grauniad alleging that this crime has been committed by these people.

  4. “”Six weeks people have had to wait for this and you are only just looking into this now?””

    How long does the judicial review process take in their countries of origin?

    “Responding to appeals for people to be brought to justice, he said: “An inquiry is designed to find out what happened.

    “I have no power to do anything in relation to criminal responsibility.””

    He’s clearly the man for the job, because he refrained from adding ‘you thick benefit scrounging bastards!’. I don’t think I could have held that back.

  5. If I were him, I would resign quoting racism – he has been given an unenviable task and does he need the money?
    (If he wants to do a public service resigning because of anti white racism would be a public service).

  6. “appeals for people to be brought to justice”

    Hope that includes illegal sub-letting and, well, just generally being in the country illegally in the first place.

  7. Interesting point really. The old Court of Equity (Hey! That’s not fair, whatever the law! Give me Justice!”) did insist that you must come before them with clean hands.

  8. None of them look like each other though. The Somalis will demand a Somali judge, the Sunnis will demand a Sunni judge, and so on. Even if they did find a token brown-skinned judge, he’d be deemed unacceptable for any one of a number of different reasons (went to public school, read PPE at Oxford, has actual experience, whatever). It’s an impossible demand.

    Given that there’s no chance of meeting them half-way, the best option is to tell them to shut up and take the judge they’re given. That or no inquiry at all.

  9. The point of the enquiry is to a) establish the cause and learn the lessons, OR b) demonstrate how PC we are. If it’s the latter I want my money back!

  10. Forget illegal. Their presence in the country is a crime against natural law. And it will be addressed, one way or another.

  11. Import the third world, get third world behavior. Who of our elites could possibly have foreseen this? (Hint – EP)

  12. Why is anybody asking this crew anything about anything other than their individual accounts of what is supposed to have happened?

    Did the survivors of the Titanic get asked what they “wanted” out of the Board of Inquiry?

    Has the stupid fish-faced cow May not even one scintilla of common sense? Why give a platform to a bunch of (amateur but looking to turn professional) grievance-mongers? Did she not get enough bad publicity from the fire week itself? Is she keeping a scrapbook of negative tabloid cuttings to show her Grandkids? No wait–she failed in that department as well. Probably for the best considering the genetic burden that immense blithering stupidity and bungling would have laid on them.

  13. The Meissen Bison

    Ecksie: Has the stupid fish-faced cow May not even one scintilla of common sense?

    I wouldn’t know but when it comes to selecting judges to run enquiries it’s safe to say that she is useless at setting the terms of reference and keeps running out of judges to appoint.

    Has the Great Molester Investigation finally hit the buffers or is it limping on (Wednesday afternoons, if not raining)?

  14. TMB: Which Great Molester Investigation ?

    If you mean the one that was going to run down all the paedo-pervs in the HoC I think it has strategically vanished. After all the aim was–as always– to demonise men and cast doubts such as to leave only the girlies unstained and ready for promotion to the Top Jobs.

    Other events however intervened and we now have a girlie in the Top Job and lots of other girlies boosted upon high ( and what a success they are eh !!). So the great paedo exposure is no longer needed and could only damage all sides in politics. So memoryhole.

    In fairness the “relevations” would very likely been as truthless and worthless as the rest of the Saville/Yewtree cockrot anyway. As much as I hate the poli-pork the idea that they are public figures simultaneous with being leading lights in child sex/murder rings is fatuous to the nth degree.

  15. Paul Rain – if an offence against natural law then natural law can deal with the problem.
    Here we have UK law. Not the same as natural law but applies to all.

  16. I do think we should ask the people who accuse someone of not looking like them to explicitly state what the differences they see are. Because if it is skin colour, it might not be “racism” according to the left, but it is clearly bigotry.

    Anyway, some of the victims were of European origin – of those named there seemed to be a couple of young Italians and a number of middle-aged or elderly people of British ancestry. Just because there is no-one making a fuss for them does not mean that people investigating their deaths shouldn’t look like them.

    But my major question is what are these people trying to achieve – is this an attempt to hijack the process politically or is it an attempt to hide something?

  17. Bloke in North Dorset

    “But my major question is what are these people trying to achieve – is this an attempt to hijack the process politically or is it an attempt to hide something?”

    Both. McDonnell has already declared it murder by Capitalists and assorted Tories and now the rabble-rousers need to ensure that they get that outcome and that means hiding the truth.

  18. BiND,

    The truth is that this was a cock-up of a government-managed system – hard to hide. And we know the cause of the fire – a fridge fire. So I assume the truth they are looking to hide is something a bit different from those headlines?

  19. Watchman,

    > The truth is …

    Reminds me of a conversation with a leftie about an earlier tower disaster:

    Leftie: “I think we all know the truth behind 9/11.”
    Me: “Yes, a bunch of Islamic nutters hijacked some aircraft and crashed them into the twin towers.”

  20. @ Watchman

    ” And we know the cause of the fire – a fridge fire. So I assume the truth they are looking to hide is something a bit different from those headlines?”

    TBH, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the cause turned out not to be a fridge fire.

  21. They’re not trying hide anything. They’re trying to show they are innocent brown people horribly abused by racists and they need British passports and lots of money stat.

  22. I expect a whitewash. And a whitewash the next time. Maybe on the 4th or 5th try there will be not a whitewash.

    Not blaming the judge. However will the right facts be given to him or some facts that may be correct but may be not?
    Great that people know how the fire started. Its really not that important in the grand scheme of things, its not the first flat to ever have a fire. How the fire then killed so many people and did so much damage is more relevant.

  23. If it’s open to the public then it will be McPherson squared. A total lefty political bun fight shambles.

  24. Any sympathy i had for the residents has disappeared. In the islamic shitholes where half of them come from the official response would be Inshallah and they’d be happy with that. One sniff of Kuffar cash and 1400 years of belief evaporates. Of course they are probably looking for diya (blood money) and in most islamic countries a muslim is worth much more than a kuffar. i suggest they fuck off back to whatever shithole they crawled out of if they are not happy

  25. I nominate:

    Milo Yiannopoulos

    To replace the retired judge.

    He ticks the LGBTXYZ box and he likes to have conjugal relations with Blacks another box ticked.

  26. Perhaps Sir Martin Moore-Bick should offer to black up. Who would be acceptable: David Lammy, Baroness Scotland, Constance Briscoe?

    Where does this slippery slope of identity politics end? How about my taxes only funding spending for people like me.

  27. Perhaps they could have a culturally acceptable inquiry presided over by Gagool the crone, who would sniff out the witches responsible without any of that tedious stuff about logic, facts and law.

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