That’s why the Van Halen brown M&Ms……

A 35-year-old French folk singer died of a suspected electrocution while performing during a storm in a hilltop church, local authorities said Thursday.

4 thoughts on “That’s why the Van Halen brown M&Ms……”

  1. For a refresher on what Tim is talking about:

    The 80’s Van Halen stadium show are huge production where the setup times are time consuming and technically specific. Unionized stagehands frequently runs into overtime hours. If the promoter decided to skim over their contract and cut corner, they need to have a way to quickly determine it. Thus the Brown M&Ms in their dressing room. It’s just stick in the middle of the contract just to quickly test whether the promoter actually read the contract through.

  2. L’Eglise des Cordeliers (no longer used as a church), where the incident took place, is not on a hill top, it is in fact in the low part of La Bastide de Gourdon (fortified town – une ville pas un village), below la Butte (raised part) where the citadel and l’Eglise Notre-Dame des Cordeliers are situated.

    At least the Telegraph got the name of the town right, the Daily Mail called it Goudron which is the French word for tar.

    One can always rely on the mainstream media to check details and be precise with the facts.

    There was a storm, so they did get something right.

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