The Russian emails, well, you would, wouldn’t you?

A British former GCHQ information specialist has claimed a Republican operative tried to recruit him in a bid to verify emails purportedly hacked from Hillary Clinton, potentially by Russia.

In the latest twist in the probe into whether there was collusion between anyone connected to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia the British cyber-security expert Matt Tait said he had been approached by the operative last Spring.

A Democratic member of the House Intelligence Committee, which is investigating Russian interference in the US presidential election, called for the panel to immediately hear from Mr Tait.

If you knew the emails had been hacked, you’d try to get a copy and then verify them, wouldn’t you?

Anyone think the Clintons wouldn’t if the RNC had been hacked?

This is not though collaboration, is it? That would be the Trump operative asking for the hacking to take place in order that…..

14 thoughts on “The Russian emails, well, you would, wouldn’t you?”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Republican operative”

    An operative, how scary is that? It must be proof positive that he was up to something illegal.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    This is where the media pretends they are not hacks in the pocket of the Democratic Party.

    They are p!ssing away their credibility every second.

    In the meantime, who cares? This is a nothing story that is being blown out of proportion because the Democrats (and hence the media) are trying to carry out a coup d’etat. Nothing else.

  3. Since British Intelligence is more or less run by the Yanks , small problem for them to order up some UK bullshiter in a desperate attempt to breathe life back into a deceased tall tale.

  4. The Dems oversold the narrative. Now are desperate to find ANYTHING to suggest that someone knew a Russian. I.e., they are moving into a defensive phase. The objective now is not to sting Trump, but to appear as if they aren’t dumber than a red brick.

  5. Didn’t the Russian golden shower stories come from a former MI6 agent and originally started by Trumps Republican enemies then picked up by the Dems?

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    CNN is segueing to the claim that his Tweets are unPresidential.

    I assume that means they know they have reached the limit of insane stories about the Russians they can make with a straight face.

    As if I could care. Or are remotely likely to take etiquette lessons from these sewer dwellers.

  7. “he had been approached by the operative last Spring”: what a tit. In my experience, the country is split between those who interpret “last Spring”, when said in late June or early July, as Spring 2017, and those who interpret it as Spring 2016.

    Just as “next Monday” can today mean tomorrow, or a week tomorrow. And “midday” can mean noon, or sometime around lunchtime.

  8. The Inimitable Steve

    MarkT – Yarp.

    PissGate was a beezer. Imagine someone spinning you a yarn about Trump paying Russian tarts to wee on his duvet, and believing it.

    “Go ahead and pee on the bed that Obama once slept in, because I hate Obama, who was born in Kenya you know. Bigly! Also I am a KGB agent, but don’t tell anyone.”

    Forget James Bond, forget even Austin Powers. The more we see of our “intelligence community”, the more they turn out to be just like the rest of the public sector: mildly retarded oddballs and misfits who’d starve to death in the real world.

  9. I they were colluding with the Russians why would they need somoeone else to give them a copy or confirm that it had happened?

  10. Surely this would absolve Trump / Republicans of collusion with Russia though.

    Russia: We have hacked Hillary’s emails and released them.
    Republicans: Oooh, nice. But not sure if this is true – better get someone independent to verify the emails.

    Ergo: Republicans can’t have colluded with Russia over the hacking.

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