They’re just so damn conservative these lefties

What happened when Walmart left
In West Virginia, the people of McDowell County can’t get jobs, and recently lost their biggest employer – the local Walmart store. They describe the devastating loss of jobs, community and access to fresh food

Walmart turns up, that’s terrible, it drains the community.

Walmart leaves, that’s terrible, it drains the community.

Nothing so terrible as not being exploited, eh?

16 thoughts on “They’re just so damn conservative these lefties”

  1. It’s always tough when a large local employer closes. Coal mines, steelworks, factories, whatever. The workers got comfy, they expected to have a job for life. In the company they were only ever a small cog in the machine. They’ve forgotten (or never acquired) the wide range of skills needed to run a small business. So they have my sympathy.

    But yes, the Left’s attitude to business is inconsistent. They love hipster coffee shops and independent bookshops, but they hate family-run bakeries which won’t cater for gay weddings.

  2. They are perpetual teenagers whinging at how unfair their life is. They never think more than ten minutes ahead and are incapable of understanding what a rational viewpoint even is, let alone acquiring one.

    They are reactionaries in the sense that they are perpetually reacting against something, everything.

  3. McDowell county looks quite nice,even prosperous. Enough population for a few supermarkets.

    I doubt if Walmart would have pulled out if it wasn’t for the “shrinkage”

  4. Gaudrian whining aside, Walwart is TBTF in far too many communities. If we still had the old system of multiple smaller stores some would fail but the entire system doesn’t crash. The problems associated with getting a Walmart were well understood at least a decade before this store opened in 2005. People in McDowell county voted for this with their wallets. It’s harsh but they are getting what they deserve.

  5. bif,

    If you think McDowell county looks prosperous then I’d hate to see where you live.


    Yes, curse Obama for not banning fracking.

    Scratch that. Fracking is a major part in Pittsburgh’s economic revitalization. A quick search of shale resources in southern WV shows that there is extractable gas in the Utica formation. There also appears to be(although this may just be media bias) substantial local opposition to fracking. If public sentiment in McDowell county is similar to that in Hampshire and Mineral counties(places I’ve been and have first hand experience with) I can not commiserate with people who don’t want to frack because they want to keep mining coal.

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Andrew M: “They love hipster coffee shops”. No they bloody don’t, at least not the real hardcore race-bating Sparts. They call it “gentrification” and try to drive them out. A bullet in the back of the head in some rat-infested dungeon is too good for these people.

  7. “Down the road, Deana Lucion, 29, six months pregnant and with her 18-month-old daughter Trinity in her arms, tells us that she has started growing cucumbers, squash, peppers and corn. Her husband Phillip Lucion, 35, also supplements his income as a mechanic in a coalmine by catching trout in the nearby lake.

    They make ends meet, but to the couple it’s a constant slog. “We do live in a great place,” Phillip says, “but I feel like a slave sometimes.””

    I’ll let Doug Stanhope speak for me:

  8. “I can not commiserate with people who don’t want to frack because they want to keep mining coal.”

    So it was okay for Obama to kill coal.

  9. Liberal Yank
    google maps doesn’t provide info on wealth or levels of incestuous marriage. But McDowell county looks quite nice compared to 1945 Dresden.

    For a contemporary comparison, try Wood Green London (any houseowner practically a millionaire) or Weston-super-Mare and use the little yellow man.

  10. The alternative was Obama killing fracking. I happen to like our new found energy independence.

  11. McDowell county also looks nice compared to South Sudan. Compared to other parts of the US it is a shit hole.

    Here are a few numbers. The median income is $22,154. The unemployment rate was 10.1%(Dec 2016). The population has shrunk from a peak of nearly 100k to 22,113(2010 census). The overall crime rate is 56/100(the national average on this scale is 31.1). This is an area that is not doing well at all.

  12. My case is that coal’s decline is primarily due to low cost fracked gas. The only thing that Obama could have done to prevent this was banning fracking. Therefore, if Obama killed coal it is because he didn’t kill fracking. Here are a couple supporting links.

    Please state and defend your case against Obama.

  13. Gamecock,

    Just so you know. I am designing a way to beat fracking on costs. I will be marketing the hell out of it as environmentally friendly, carbon reducing fuel. That is not the goal though. The goal is to get everybody in the world more access to cheaper electricity, all while earning a tidy profit for myself. If I am going to have any chance of succeeding I have to keep up on the energy industry in detail.

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