This number might not be quite what it seems

Facebook, along with Google, takes the lion’s share of online advertising revenue – 99% of all new dollars spent last year, according to Pivotal Research.

Facebook and Google being perhaps the parts of the ecosystem which carries advertising doing the growing? Thus the two being where you would expect additional advertising dollars to be going?

3 thoughts on “This number might not be quite what it seems”

  1. Would this have something to do with “dollars spent”. I advertise various things on-line. I receive a great deal of advertising e-mail (40+ p/d) & also look at a lot of advertising on-line. But no third party is getting paid a cent here. It’s one of the great advantages of the net. You can advertise direct to your market rather than having to pay someone else to do it for you. It still cost though. I suppose, if I could be bothered, I could cost my time doing it & show it as a figure somewhere. (Would it be a legitimate business overhead for tax, you accountants? Employing someone on the payroll to do it would be.)

  2. The detailed research (and OK, we’ll take their figures) is that they’re at around 77% of all ads, but 99% of new ads.

    Most of that is about Facebook.

    And here’s my guess: stuff that worked with keyword searching isn’t growing that much, but the sort of ads that didn’t work with keyword searching that used to be on TV or in print are now going to Facebook because they can do interest/geographical searching.

  3. 99% just cannot be true, its too much. I see on this very page banners for Amazon – but not Google or FB – doesn’t take much to be more than 1%.

    Also, if say TW is hosting only google banners, then google is 100%, but google only get some of the revenue and TW gets some – so its slightly misleading to not account the proportion that google have to share with ‘affiliates’.

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