We must conclude that Labour voters are very stupid indeed

Support for Britain to remain in the EU single market and customs union is overwhelming among Labour party members, according to a poll showing that more than eight out of 10 think the UK should stay in Europe’s key trading blocs.

I think Corbyn did in fact win a majority of the Labour Party, no? And Jezza’s plans for that smashing of neoliberalism cannot be done while in the Single Market and Customs Union.

Believing we should stay in is not stupid, merely mistaken. Believing we should follow the magi money tree road is not stupid, merely mistaken. But insisting that we must do two mutually exclusive things at the same time, yes, that’s……

21 thoughts on “We must conclude that Labour voters are very stupid indeed”

  1. Why should it be surprising that the kind of people who think the answer to the country’s problems is Jeremy Corbyn are stupid and wrong?

  2. So “My Dad -voted-Labour” Brexit supporters are only 2 out of 10 ZaNu voters?

    I think the Guardian is indulging in a practice called telling lies.

    Believing ANY of Tim’s above three is indeed both stupid and wicked. But if ZaNu is indeed the revived electoral powerhouse that the left-controlled MSM are claiming then it must have amongst its ranks many more enemies of the EU than the liars at the Gladrag are claiming.

    The article is an anti-Corbyn attack with as much subtlety as the G can find in its black heart.

    Perhaps the foul waft of Bliars new media profile is giving them courage.

  3. If we read down the article, the true sad,sad state of Labour and of British politics is revealed. A group is set up to win over English voters. It comprises ex-Blairites. They are ‘ex’ because they see Corbyn is the power, the only power at the moment. So they follow the power and forget all those firm principles and that personal contempt that would have stopped them supporting him only 6 months ago.

  4. The Labour policy has bern confirmed as having your cake and eating it.

    That gets them both the credulous cake eating vote and the credulous cake having vote.

    As I keep on pointing out, logic doesn’t matter, facts doesn’t matter.

    There is just bias, virtue signalling and very basic self interest calculations

    The best way to attack Labour now is to call them anti EU student debt reneging liars.

  5. Labour’s position on this has been made clear on repeated occasions by Rebecca Long-Bailey, one of the greatest economic thinkers ever to grace the Labour benches.

  6. Labour voters don’t care about smashing neoliberalism. They just want more free stuff: uni, hospital, etc. – and more cushy public-sector jobs for people like themselves.

    The thorny question of how to pay for such cushiness is left to Great Thinkers of the Left, such as the honourable Richard Murphy Esq.

  7. Thing is the Labour Membership is made up of three broad types.

    The Labour Moderates – they dont like Corbyn nor leaving the EU, so there positioning is tactical and they recognise the contradiction. What they want is something to break.

    The Far-Left – They love Corbyn and want to leave the EU, therefore leaving the Customs Union and the Single Market. This group isnt that big but might be more influential than their size.

    The slightly dim corbynistas (recent members) – They love the ‘idea’ of Corbyn but are pretty naive when it comes to politics nor know much about it and therefore quite happily and ignorantly hold contradictory positions. They are the ones who thought JC was a big meanie for sacking front benchers openly defying him and genuinely thought JC could have tolerated this as he was for a ‘diversity of opinion’ and what not. If ever you have met this type of labour support you will not respect them or gain anything from engaging with them beyond a hilarious anecdote.

    I actually count a number of friends in the other two camps and I respect them, I count a number of acquaintances in the last camp and do not respect them but keep in touch as its good to get a measure of people and their politics.

  8. RH

    “…quite happily and ignorantly hold contradictory positions.”

    I suspect that’s true of everyone, right and left – myself included. That said, contradictory positions admit of number and degree, and lefties seem to be particularly prone to hold many more and grosser contradictory positions than righties.

  9. Ironman

    “So they follow the power and forget all those firm principles and that personal contempt that would have stopped them supporting him only 6 months ago.”

    But these are people who followed Blair for the power, so no change there really. And, like most Labour MPs, they dream that one day socialism will be realised. Scratch a social democrat and you’ll find socialist fantasies. Tactics and timescale are all that ultimately distinguish a social democrat from Corbyn. Which means that social democrats are in some ways more dangerous than the hard left. Certainly, the soft left has done more damage because they have often been in government.

  10. Labour members might be stupid, but John McDonnell is not and neither is Seumus Milne. They read their tactics straight from the Lenin/Trotsky/Gramsci playbook. The strategic March forward needs to be punctuated by the temporary tactical retreat.
    So most people support a nuclear deterrent… and so Jeremy Corbyn equivocates, after a lifetime of absolutism. Labour members are by a massive majority pro-EU, so the Euro sceptic Corbyn campaigns (sort of) for Remain. Now they passionately want a second referendum and to remain at the very least within the Single Market. So I have no doubt at all Corbyn will find himself drawn to the idea over the summer. Yes, once the election is won (and who is going to stop him?) the EU will recert to being the neoliberal capitalists’ club that needs destroying. Until then though…

    We are too stupid to see them coming

  11. The ones that get me are the ones on £80000 pa and want the rich to pay for everything.
    That’s got to be top 5% at least.
    And it’s somewhat irritating to have to defend their position for them, not for their sake, but as an advanced defence of my own.
    We know the progression, first they steal what they can from the richest 1%, when that runs out they steal from the richest 5%, then 10% then 50%, all the while making everyone poorer.

  12. “Yes, once the election is won (and who is going to stop him?)”

    What is the basis for his belief that Corbog& McNasty are unstoppable?

  13. A tad confused Ironman.

    Corbog is going to switch to single market etc support over the summer?

    Which will:

    1–Fuck his nationalisation schemes for good.

    2-Suck up to Bliarites–who want him gone anyway

    3–Drive away “My-Dad etc” Brexit supporters–who aren’t stupid enough to see Corbog’s move as any thing but a sell-out (which it is) even without the Daily Mail and others to point it out.

    And this is a coup which will boost Grandpa Death right into 10 Donkey St?

  14. Matthew L

    Excessively tribal sums up Liverpool amd it Labour members too well.

    A conversation the oher week with a friend who had campaigned like crazy for Remain, who believes, or believes,that Chukka Umuna is God Incarnate:

    Me: what do you think of Vhukka’s attempted amendment to the Queen’s Speech?
    Him: Well, I suppose he has his principles, but he’s splitting the party.
    Me: yeah, but remember how vital it is to the country to stay in the EU? Isn’t thst worth splitting a party if necessary?
    Him: it’s the same thing.

  15. Ironman: Liverpool is weird. It was run by the LibDems with a huge majority for about 15 years, than ricoched over to Labour with a similar huge majority. It’s like a magnet, there’s no middle position, it’s always overwhelmingly X or overwhelmingly Y.

  16. “@ JGH

    Liverpool is weird…, it’s always overwhelmingly X or overwhelmingly Y.”

    Should be renamed Liverpoxy, I guess.

  17. “Who said they were unstoppable? I asked who was going to stop them”

    The 13m who despite her manifest issues and appalling campaign voted for Theresa May and the Tories. Plus the plenty more who probably didn’t bother to vote because she was going to win by a landslide anyway, who will undoubted go to the polls if there’s even a hint Corbyn and co could win.

    Corbyn got pretty much all his vote out last time, the Tories didn’t by any means. There’s a LOT of people who dislike Corbyn out there, some of whom may even have voted Labour last time because they wanted a Labour MP, not him as PM (which wasn’t going to happen), so they had a free pass. If its a choice for him in No 10, I expect his vote to drop and the Tories to rise. Especially now they’ve U turned on the student debt thing, which is huge. You don’t go promising the earth to people, then say ‘Terribly sorry, it was only an aspiration!’ a month or two later. Look what happened to Clegg.

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