Well, bit tight that, wasn’t it?

If Beauden Barrett could kick then…..

17 thoughts on “Well, bit tight that, wasn’t it?”

  1. by H?T. the AB’s had squandered 3 definite try chances and 2 missed kicks. in perfect playing conditions. The Lions should have been 30 points down and nowhere to go. I can’t remember an AB team so profligate. Well done the boys for sticking to their last and coming back with NH pride intact.

  2. Yes required Daly’s big boot and Farrell to be 100%. So many mistakes in the last 20 minutes, they must have been knackered. But we’ll take it. AB in NZ do not reign supreme.

  3. Canal + here costs a fortune and has compulsory soccer so I couldn’t watch. But apparently he kicks very well, except from the tee.

  4. I do wonder about the Barret brothers. They seem to have been bred for the ABs like you would breed racehorses.
    Does this make them happier? Maybe they regret not being an accountant or a Guardian columnist or something.

    I’ve got a 15 year old, size 46 shoes with a side step, who’s given up rugby because it is too easy. A pal of mine has sent his son to a boarding school / rugby academy where the kid is not happy because, well, he’s not as good at it as his dad thinks.

    Parents know nothing. As our teenagers point out on a daily basis.

  5. “given up rugby because it is too easy”

    That’s a new one. What was he doing? Scoring ten tries every game?

  6. He was in the backs. Passes aren’t exact at <16 age. But yes, a 70% conversion try per catch, even from a kick off.
    Older boy still plays. Doesn't seem interested or quick, but outruns the oppo on any intercept.
    Mind you, he gets yellow carded a lot. Aggressive little 6ft 4in sod.
    Third one is nicknamed Bolt by his friends at school. I suppose if you had brutes like that as your older brothers you'd run fast too.
    Flynn effect not genetics, I think.

  7. BIF

    If it’s too easy then he is playing beneath his level. Unless he is in France u-16!and an academy side at a top 14 club and dominates then it’s not ‘too easy’

  8. Rob
    We aren’t in a big rugby area, so I can’t tell if he would be good enough to be pro. Anyway, I’m not much in favour with short careers and career ending injury risk. So it’s up to him, nearly an adult.

    As someone hiding behind the sofa, it seems to me a young NZ side bottled it.

  9. BIF

    Suspect that if your son had even the possibility of making pro someone would have been to see and talk to him.

    As you say prob for the best if his heart isn’t in it. It’s a steep triangle with only a very few financially rewarded enough. Outside the top league in England and France are some phenomenally good players who still aren’t good enough to play at the top and so are at best semi pro.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset


    A bit late now but NOW TV does a one day Sky Sports package for £6.99. I use that since getting rid of Sky Sports for the same reason, I was mostly paying for soccer that I didn’t watch.

    You’d probably need to use one of those ex pat proxy servers, though.

    As to you sons, if they hadn’t been absolutely obsessed and picked out by the age of about 10 there’s no way they would make a living out of the game.

  11. As to you sons, if they hadn’t been absolutely obsessed and picked out by the age of about 10 there’s no way they would make a living out of the game.

    Boys develop far too late for that. At 10 you might have a genetic advantage, but without knowing how puberty will strike you can’t tell. I’ve seen boys touted for stardom at 15 who turned out to not have the testosterone levels required. Or who were too lazy to train at professional levels, despite their genetic gifts.

    There weren’t many players on the park last night who are freakishly athletic. We tend to notice the ones who are, because they grab our attention, but many of them are just bloke sized, but who have trained really hard.

  12. I have a pal who was for a time the physio for a premier league soccer side.
    Took in about 100 teenagers, some of whom turned out to be not as good as expected. Some with talent got injured, knees usually, and just got binned.
    My pal resigned in disgust.
    Which is why I’m boasting about my boys without them actually playing international rugger. Their life.

  13. Boy 2 was “approached”. I found it a bit creepy.
    Local club wants boy 1 to play in senior side but there are age rules and he was born mid season. Not sure if I have insurance for him taking the neck off some midget. which is why he spends so long in the sin bin.
    To be fair, frog refs are trying to stamp out foul play. Not very successfully, and cettainly not in the small crowd watching.

  14. @ BIF
    “to be fair, frog refs are trying to stamp out foul play…..” One of the reasons the AB’s were struggling in the last 2 matches?

  15. “If Beauden Barrett could kick then…..”: we’ve learnt God’s view of the name Beauden.

    (Do you think he was given a stupid name to toughen him up at school?)

  16. Eliot Daly gets stuck out on the wing as a flying machine beset by brutes then Owen Farrell declines a kick because its too far for him and everybody expects Daly to take a penalty kick from his own half! Which he proceeds to just get over ! Nobody seems to think there is anything remarkable about this at all.

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