Well, yes, he’s not arrived yet, has he?

‘No Trump zone’: Thousands of Paris protesters create area free of the US President ahead of Bastille Day visit

Paris will be Trump free therefore.

20 thoughts on “Well, yes, he’s not arrived yet, has he?”

  1. Maybe we should offer to swap John Bercow for Trump. That would liven up parliamentary debates and then the USA would be back to the good old days when POTUS was the most virtuous person in the world

  2. The Inimitable Steve

    Reminds me a little bit of old footage from NornIron, with “NO POPE HERE” graffiti. To be fair, it does seem to have kept the Holy Father out of the Shankhill Road.

  3. The Meissen Bison

    Diogenes: Maybe we should offer to swap John Bercow for Trump

    Could that deal include their wives, please?

  4. ‘Among the diverse groups demonstrating are those opposed to Mr Trump’s climate change policies, travel ban and anti-war groups.’

    They all have one thing in common: they are paid by Soros.

  5. Macron is making some interesting moves. Far too early to judge but he seems to be really pissing off the lefties.

  6. MC, agree about Micron. Is he being especially cunning, or was he always not so loony as we thought? Maybe his tiny mandate (quiet at the back) means he has to tread carefully.

  7. Custard Cream, Macron is Macron it is just the French voters who have allowed themselves to be charmed by him. The policies he proclaimed on the stump were very similar to the policies he put forward when he was in Hollande’s government – those policies that destroyed Hollande’s career in French politics. It takes a French voter to destroy Hollande and vote for Macron.

  8. “Or an archaeologist.”

    Hey Rocco–it gives you a whole new meaning for “Mummy’s you’d like to fuck”.

  9. They want to keep République free of Trump? Most normal people avoid it since the anti-capitalist protests last year, it’s a right fucking shithole these days. Full of Swampies.

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